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Faculty Spotlight: John J. Whitcomb

<b>Name:</b> John J. Whitcomb<br /> <b>Title:</b> Assistant Professor<br /> <b>Department:</b> Nursing<br /> <b>Hometown:</b> Rockville, Ind.Name: John J. Whitcomb
Title: Assistant Professor
Department: Nursing
Hometown: Rockville, Ind.

What colleges did you attend? Medical University of South Carolina (B.S.N.), Marymount University, Arlington, Va. (M.S.N.-Critical Care and Nursing Administration), University of San Diego, (Ph.D.-Resuscitative Outcomes)

Where have you taught? University of Virginia and Clemson University

What is the best thing about your job? Knowing I am making a difference in the future of nursing – in particular, acute and critical care nursing.

Briefly describe some of your current research projects. My research projects include:

  • Delirium in the ICU – assessment of the sleep cycle and its influence on the development of delirium
  • Capturing resuscitative outcomes via Codenet documentation – improving cardiac arrest outcomes
  • Therapeutic hypothermia post-cardiac arrest and the use of biomarkers to determine neurological outcomes

I am involved as a co-investigator on studies that seek to understand:

  • Female military service members’ experiences with community reintegration after an injury
  • Extent of Lean operations implementation in hospitals

What type of influence do you hope to have on your students? I hope that I influence them to simply be the best at what they do and do it with class.

Tell us about your family. I am married to Kathy and have three children and two grandchildren.

Please list your favorite(s).

  • Hobby: Attending NASCAR and college football events
  • Book: Robin Cook series
  • Movie: Harry Potter series
  • Vacation destination: Italy
  • Music or musical genera: Pop, 70-80’s
  • Advice to give: “Remember the past, make a difference in the present, and prepare for the future.”