College of Health, Education and Human Development

HEHD Student Spotlight: Victoria Graham

Victoria Graham, Clemson PRTM MajorName: Victoria Graham
Class Year: Junior
School or Department: Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management
Major: Travel Tourism Management
Hometown: Easley, S.C.

Why did you choose your particular area of study?
I chose to obtain a degree in travel tourism management because I have a passion for traveling and helping others have the best experiences possible. Time is a precious, invaluable commodity, which we can never get back; memories are also priceless. I want to help create those lasting experiences for individuals.

What skills have you learned that will allow you to affect change in our society?
I would say the most important skill I’ve learned over time would be “equity, not equality.” I want to make sure everyone gets the same quality of outcome - a vacation or experience to fit their individual needs.

Which member of the HEHD faculty/staff will you remember most? Why?
Honestly, the entire PRTM department faculty/staff is amazing! I feel comfortable approaching any of my professors, and I know they will go above and beyond for me, as well as every other PRTM student.

What is your most memorable event from your time in college?
My most memorable event from college, and I know this will sound silly, is the first time I sat in the dining hall by myself and it didn’t faze me. As a freshman, I always had to be with a friend or a group. Now, I just pop in and pop out; I guess that’s what growing up does for you.

What are your goals after graduation?
I may go to graduate school, if I don’t get an amazing job offer off the bat. I am also considering joining the Peace Corps or taking a sabbatical for a year and simply traveling the world. The doors are wide open for me!

Why did you choose Clemson University?
I wanted to attend the best public university in South Carolina, and in my opinion, that school was Clemson University. I haven’t regretted my decision for one second since.

Please list your favorite(s).

  • Hobby: Reading, hanging out with friends
  • Book: Horns by Joe Hill
  • Movie: “Lord of the Rings” trilogy
  • Electronic gadget: Laptop
  • Vacation destination: Somewhere with no cell phone service
  • Musical genre: R&B
  • Influential person: Oprah Winfrey
  • Advice received: “Don’t forget the knife!” –PRTM professor Fran McGuire
  • Advice to give: “Don’t be afraid to be yourself. College is the time for self-exploration and discovering who you want to be as a person, as well as what you want to contribute to the world.”