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Advancing Integrative STEM Education

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The NASA Connection

NASA Astronaut Patrick Forrester at the 2010 STEM SymposiumNASA space shuttle astronaut Col. Patrick Forrester (ret.) recently came to the Upstate to talk about integrative science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) teaching and learning.  The presentation was free and open to the general public. Forrester's presentation, "Importance of STEM Education - A View from Space," is part of a $48,900 grant from AdvanceSC to promote education.  Full Article | Forrester Speaks About STEM Education

STEM Institutes

STEM-Symposium-2010 The STEM Institutes focus on teacher education in Clemson University, Tri-County Technical College, the Anderson, Oconee, and Pickens School Districts. The Pendleton Region Education Center announced recently that they received a $48,900 grant from AdvanceSC to support The Anderson, Oconee, Pickens Institute on Integrative Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Teaching and Learning (STEM). Full Article | STEM Institute Photos

Engineering byDesign

Engineering by DesignThe International Technology and Engineering Educators Association's STEM±Center for Teaching and Learning™ has developed the only standards-based national model for Grades K-12 that delivers technological literacy. The model, Engineering byDesign™ is built on Standards for Technological Literacy; Principles and Standards for School Mathematics; and Project 2061, Benchmarks for Science Literacy.


Clemson University College of Health, Education, and Human Developement STEM ResourcesThe Clemson University College of Health, Education, and Human Development STEM Resources site provides a vast array of  action plans, presentations, I3 documents, and additional STEM links. These resources are targeted at school administration and educators, K-12, who are interested in implementing STEM education into strategic school system initiatives and/or daily lesson plans.

Integrative STEM EducationAbout Integrative STEM Education

The College of Health, Education, and Human Development strives to improve science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education in South Carolina.

The STEM institutes focus on training teachers, and the scope spans K-12 college education.

The STEM competitions focus on training students through professional principles to solve real world problems.

The goals are to increase scientific literacy in the general public, decrease overall dropout rate, and promote an educated workforce.