College of Health, Education and Human Development

Prospective Graduate Students

Applicants to the graduate programs at Clemson University must hold a four-year bachelor's degree (or equivalent) or a master's degree from an institution whose scholastic rating is satisfactory to the University.

If you apply to more than one program, each program has an additional application fee. The application fee must be received before the application will be processed. All supporting material (example: 1 official Transcript, Recommendations, Test Scores) must be received before your application will be considered for admission. Some programs have application deadlines or restrict admission to fall semester only.

Please contact your proposed program of study directly for complete details and any questions regarding specific support materials.

Your application is active for one year beyond the initial entrance date that you select on your application. However, departments and programs reserve the right to deny deferred admission because of limited space and/or resources. Thus, students wishing to defer enrollment must request and receive approval for such action from the respective department or program. Admission for Faculty, Staff, & Employees of Clemson University are subject to the same requirements and department approval and must follow all academic regulations. No member of the faculty or staff who has a rank higher than instructor or its equivalent may be considered as a candidate for an advanced degree in the academic department where employed.

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