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Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Handling Practices (GHP) Training Materials

Good Agricultural Practices or "GAPs" are ways that produce growers can prevent on-farm contamination of fruits and vegetables. GAPs are a new way of thinking about food safety. They recognize that, for optimal safety, all possible measures must be taken to prevent food borne disease as fresh produce moves through production and distribution systems. Every grower should take time to learn about potential food safety hazards that can occur on the farm or orchard and take preventative steps to prevent contamination by harmful microbes.

Clemson University now provides a survey tool designed to solicit answers to the most common pieces of operational information required in a Farm Food Safety Plan. The completion of this plan is the first step towards achievement of GAP Certification.


To learn more or begin a Farm Food Safety Plan visit:



Additional Resources:

Good Agricultural Practices Training Powerpoint

Presented by Clemson University Sustainable Agriculture Program, South Carolina Department of Agriculture and North Carolina State University

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