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Make a Donation to Help the Student Organic Farm

Please Donate to the Sustainable Agriculture Program at Clemson University to help preserve and advance the Student Organic Farm!


The Sustainable Agriculture Program and the Student Organic Farm Projects are funded through independant sources as well as federal funding. All donations to this program will go directly to training and education initiatives in sustainable agricultue and the advancement of sustainable and organic farming practices, which may include new equipment, updates to current facilities, implementation of new sustainable farming technologies, installation of new facilities and salaries.


HOW TO DONATE (please read):gift button

- After reading, click on the link at the right to be   redirected to the donation page.  
- On arriving at the donation page you will be asked to   log in. If you have never donated to Clemson   University before, you'll just need to register for the first time. It's a very simple   registraion.
- Once you have logged in or registered you will find yourself on the Sustainable   Agriculture Program donation page.
- There will be 3 fields to fill out:

  • 1) Amount: Fill in the amount you would like to donate
  • 2) Designation: *IMPORTANT* You must write "Student Organic Farm" in this field. Your donation will not make it into the correct fund if you write anything else. 

  • 3) Other: This is an optional field. Fill in what you would like here.

    - Select 'Add To Cart' and confirm your payment method.


    You're done!




    Donations intended for a specific purpose by the donee should be indicated in writing to Kelly Gilkerson at in addition to being indicated during the donation process.

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