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Clemson Projects in Sustainable Agriculture

One of the initiatives of the Clemson University Sustainable Agriculture Program is to demonstrate successful examples of Sustainable Agriculture for the benefit of the community. By clicking the (more...) link you will be directed to project details including pictures, how-to's, history, implementation and project contact information when available.


If you have a project or know of a project that would be a valuable addition to this page and would like added, please contact the webmaster with details


Soldier Fly Digester

Clemson University Student Organic Farm, Clemson, SC

A pilot Black Soldier Fly composting system for bioconversion of food and farm waste into compost, animal feed and oil for biodiesel fuel production.

Rainwater Harvesting System

Clemson University Student Organic Farm, Clemson, SC

A rainwater harvesting building for the Student Organic Farm at Clemson University that will allow for the collection of a maximum of 1500 gallons of water at a time.(more...)

Hoophouse Project

Clemson University Student Organic Farm, Clemson, SC

The first three hoophouses built at the Student Organic Farm provided an earlier start and later finish on market production than had been previously possible. (more...)

A Garden to Feast the Senses On- Youth and the Ethnobotany Garden

SC Botanical Garden, Clemson, SC

Getting children interested in plants by teaching them about edible flowers, leaves used for band-aids, and roots that dye cloth pink? This is the philosophy behind The Ethnobotany Garden. (more...)



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