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Soldier Fly Digester

Black Soldier Fly (BSF) Larvae Composting System


Clemson Creative Inquiry students led by bio-energy ‘guru’ David Thornton and Student Organic Farm manager Shawn Jadrnicek have developed a pilot BSF composting system for bioconversion of food and farm waste into compost, animal feed and oil for biodiesel fuel production. The low-cost system is installed at the farm adjacent to a hoop house-type greenhouse to facilitate year round production of BSF. Various types of waste material (cafeteria food waste and cull vegetables from farm production) are placed into the system where the BSF larvae digest and convert the waste into useable materials for the farm. BSF pupa are collected and can be dried and pressed to extract oil for biodiesel, and remaining meal can be used as a chicken feed, fish feed, and fertilizer. 


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