Computer Information Systems (B.S.)


Students who take on the challenge of a Bachelor of Science in computer information systems know the importance of computer systems in both multinational and local business. From the home to the workplace to the local coffee shop, computers permeate nearly every minute and every aspect of our lives. At Clemson we embrace this, and our computing facilities are available to you 24/7 as you learn how to design and build software and discover new ways to use computers. A focus on business classes will expand your understanding of computer science and the business problem environment, which is key in preparing you for a job after graduation and advanced studies in areas of computer science.


  • According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in computer and mathematical occupations is expected to grow by 18 percent between 2012 and 2022.
  • You'll have 24-hour access to school facilities such as workstations, graphics systems, virtual reality systems, network labs and computer clusters.
  • The Palmetto Cluster is one of the largest supercomputers in the country and ranks fourth among U.S. academic systems on the Top500 list. It received a $1 million upgrade in 2018.


Combine the technical side of computer science with business problems theory and application, and you have our computer information systems major. To prepare for a career in this field, you'll take computer science courses in addition to business classes that will help you understand how the two fields interact.

As a freshman, you'll take introductory computer science classes before delving more deeply into the technical aspects of the computer with classes such as algorithms and data structures, software development foundations and network programming. At the same time, your business classes will focus on marketing, management, accounting, finance and microeconomics.


Dive into your major outside your standard classes, and meet and network with fellow students and working professionals. As a computer information systems major you'll have great chances to research alongside your classmates as well as our nationally known faculty.

 Put your classwork knowledge to work by spending alternate semesters working in the industry and studying on campus as part of Clemson's cooperative education program.
 Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE) is an internationally renowned honors society that offers scholarship opportunities, promotes fellowship and recognizes the academic excellence of outstanding students within the computing and information disciplines.
 Clemson's student Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) chapter connects students with one another and professionals already in the field.



Your college decision isn't really about the next four years. We get it. It's about what doors are opened by your degree and whether those opportunities are what you had envisioned for yourself. Here's a snapshot of what life after graduation looks like for some of our most recent students.


  • Network Security Analyst


  • Systems Engineer

    Amazon Web Services

  • Consultant


  • Cloud Architecture Field Developer


  • Data Analyst

    Buffalo Bills


  • M.S. Computer Science

    Clemson University

  • M.S. Information Science

    University of Michigan


    • Network Administration
    • Intranet or Internet
      • Development
      • Maintenance
      • Security
      • Support
    • Hardware and Software Design
    • Database Administration
    • Development
    • Testing
    • Maintenance and Support
    • Archiving and Security
    • Systems Integration
    • Management
    • Web Administration
    • Website
      • Programming and Development
      • Management
    • System Administration
    • System Analysis
    • Systems Development
    • Planning and Analysis
    • Design
    • Building and Coding
    • Integration and Testing
    • Operations and Maintenance
    • Project Management
    • Technical Support
    • Hardware, Software, Systems Support
    • System Oversight and Evaluation
    • Training
    • Technical Writing

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