Computer Science (B.S./B.A.)


Ranked one of the top-10 supercomputing campuses in the country, Clemson offers computer science majors a unique opportunity to collaborate with computing specialists and faculty. Our nationally recognized faculty hold a variety of research interests and experience across industry and academia. As technology continues to advance rapidly, job offers in computing professions remain very high. From the classroom to the lab, your studies and research will prepare you for a career in software development, computer system support, the entertainment industry, government agencies or the IT department that exists in every medium- to large-size company. We offer both a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Arts in computer science, which will both prepare you to enter the workforce as a highly sought-after recruit or continue on to graduate school.


  • We offer both a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Arts in computer science and a five-year fast track bachelor's/master's degree program.
  • We offer a minor in digital production arts for animation and game design.
  • Our graduates have found positions with companies such as Google, IBM, Crowdstrike, TIAA, Duke Energy and Ally Financial, among others.
  • The Palmetto Cluster is one of the largest supercomputers in the country and ranks fourth among U.S. academic systems on the Top500 list. It received a $1 million upgrade in 2018.
  • According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in computer and mathematical occupations is expected to grow by 18 percent between 2012 and 2022.
  • The B.S. in computer science program is approved by the Computing Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET).


Our Bachelor of Science in computer science is a technically oriented degree designed for students interested in software development for basic computer science, scientific and engineering applications. Throughout your classes you'll delve further into the technical aspects of computers with classes such as algorithms and data structures, software engineering, computer security, computer graphics, game design and network programming. You will also build a strong mathematical foundation in calculus, probability and statistics, and linear algebra.

Along with computer science core classes, our Bachelor of Arts is a liberal arts degree that provides you with the maximum flexibility in designing a program that supports your interests while also providing a firm foundation in computer science. With this, you'll also add on a minor; one of the most popular choices for our students is digital production arts, which prepares students for careers or graduate study in visual effects, computer animation and electronic games. This minor is excellent preparation for Clemson's unique Master of Fine Arts program in digital production arts. Other popular minors are in business, fine arts and psychology.

Combined Bachelor's/Master's Plan
Get a jump-start on your Master of Science in computer science while completing your bachelor's. In our dual-degree program you can apply up to nine graduate credit hours to both your undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Popular Minors

  • Digital Production Arts
  • Business Administration
  • Mathematical Sciences
  • Psychology


Dive into your major outside your standard classes, and meet and network with fellow students and working professionals. As a computer science major you'll have great chances to research alongside your classmates as well as our nationally known faculty. 

 Join fellow students in Clemson's student chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery and get involved in social events, fundraisers, distinguished lectures, career discussion panels and the ACM collegiate programming contest.
 Many of our undergraduates work in one of our 16 research labs and groups. Learn to develop phone applications, build systems for training medical personnel, design educational games or create brain-computer interfaces.
 Learn about computing research! Paid summer research programs for undergraduates are available at Clemson and at computer science programs across the country.


Your college decision isn't really about the next four years. We get it. It's about what doors are opened by your degree and whether those opportunities are what you had envisioned for yourself. Here's a snapshot of what life after graduation looks like for some of our most recent students.


  • Systems Analyst

    Amazon Web Services

  • Software Engineer


  • Associate Consultant


  • Data Scientist


  • Business Technology Analyst



  • MFA Digital Production Arts

    Clemson University

  • M.S. Computational Science

    Michigan State University

  • M.S. Computer Science

    North Carolina State University

  • M.S. Data Analytics

    University of Central Florida

  • Ph.D. Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology


    • Programming
    • Systems
    • Scientific Applications
    • Business Applications
      • Intelligence
      • Warehousing
      • Information Delivery
      • Maintenance
    • Systems Development
    • Analysis
    • Design
    • Support
    • Quality Assurance
    • Specialty Systems
      • Database
      • Client-Server
    • Network Technology
    • Installation and Maintenance
    • Administration
    • Internet
    • Programming
    • Software Design
    • Systems Analysis
    • Hardware Production
    • Web Page Design
    • Consulting
    • Education
    • Non-Technical
    • Customer and Product Support
    • Technical Writing

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