Health Science (B.S.)


Majoring in health science starts with the basic — health. With each class, you’ll dive into specifics pertaining to your personal interests while always keeping a strong focus on health care. Some of our students see themselves in developing nations helping teach populations about disease prevention and sanitation. Others envision a more administrative role in a traditional hospital setting or volunteer health agency, while of course, many plan to go into medicine, dentistry, physical therapy and more. Anything is possible when you join one of the largest industries in the nation. No matter your dreams, we’ll provide you with the tools and training. Our graduates and our professors have worked and are working all over the world in every imaginable health-focused area.


  • In line with Clemson's land-grant mission, our program is focused on giving back to the people of South Carolina in the area of health.
  • Electronic internship portfolios have been key to our graduates' gaining employment and admission to graduate and professional schools.
  • Clemson-community partnerships allow our students to be part of health care to migrant populations, a mobile clinic, and breast and cervical cancer screenings, among other initiatives.


The curriculum consists of core courses such as epidemiology, research and evaluation strategies, and human health and disease. With a couple of additional classes, you can get your degree with a focus in one of our three concentration areas. Everyone completes an individualized internship, including preparation of an electronic internship portfolio.

Health Promotion and Behavior Concentration
Your classes in this concentration focus on teaching you how to assess, plan, communicate, implement, manage and evaluate public health promotion problems. As you go, you’ll learn how to work effectively with different populations of people, and determine what problems they face and how to best treat them.

Pre-Professional Health Studies Concentration
Designed to prepare you for graduate or professional school, this concentration focuses on the classes and experience you’ll need to gain acceptance into various graduate and clinical programs including medical, physical therapy, occupational therapy, dental and other clinical professional schools.

Health Services Administration Concentration
Dive into business and health services classes with the administration focus. A minor in business administration is a required component of this concentration.

Popular Minors

  • Athletic Leadership
  • Business Administration
  • Food Science
  • Modern Languages (Spanish)
  • Psychology
  • Sociology


Your health science experiences don’t end with your course work. Between the University and our department, you’ll have ample opportunities to grow and sharpen your skills with like-minded students.

 We partner with local health organizations to provide you with a hands-on internship experience. Required to graduate, the 180 internship hours are completed during your junior or senior years.
 Become a part of Eta Sigma Gamma, Clemson's professional honorary organization for health science/ health education. Join your peers to network, discuss research and develop programs.
 Hear from some of our health sciences graduates as they talk about what they're doing now and how they use their health science degree every day.



Your college decision isn't really about the next four years. We get it. It's about what doors are opened by your degree and whether those opportunities are what you had envisioned for yourself. Here's a snapshot of what life after graduation looks like for some of our most recent students.


  • Research Coordinator


  • Health Coach


  • Associate Administrator

    Life Care Services

  • Business Systems Change Agent


  • Pharmaceutical Sales Representative



  • M.A. Bioethics and Medical Humanities

    Case Western Reserve University

  • MD Optometry

    SUNY College of Optometry

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy

    Medical University of South Carolina

  • MD

    Medical University of South Carolina

  • M.S. Communication Studies and Disorders

    Western Carolina University


    • Health education or health promotion
      • Public sector (hospitals, public health)
      • Private sector (wellness programs, HMOs)
    • Health administration and management
    • Health systems and hospitals
    • Professional offices
    • Managed care or insurance industry
    • Health-related associations
    • Health-related sales and marketing
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Medical supplies
    • After completing graduate or professional school:
    • Medicine (allopathic and osteopathic)
    • Physical therapy
    • Occupational therapy
    • Dentistry
    • Pharmacy
    • Physician assistant
    • Public health or population health
    • Health care administration
    • Health or medical informatics


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