Human Capital Education and Development


Human capital is about the knowledge, skills and abilities essential for high performance in work and career in our knowledge- and technology-based economy. This degree program includes an online option and flexible pathways of entry and exit. It is an industry-focused program that prepares graduates for high-demand jobs. 

This degree offers seamless technical college transfer entry and the ability to earn a bachelor's degree on campus or from your home community online with a one-day campus experience per semester. Students also have access to the full Clemson Experience: facilities, faculty, student support and a vast alumni network.

What careers can I pursue with this degree? 

Career Building:

•Upskilling and reskilling.

•Lifelong learning.

•Management and leadership development.

Workforce Development:

•Nonprofit organization leader.

•Learning and education leader.

•Career and technology educators.

•Workforce analysts and researchers. 

Business and Industry: 

•Training and development facilitator.

•Generalist, specialist or manager.

•Learning technologist or instructional designer.

•Business and technical analyst. 

•Strategist or consultant.

•Human resource specialist or strategic adviser. 

What competencies will I learn with this degree?

Learning leadership in diverse and inclusive work environments, communication, principles of systems improvement and learning sciences, organizational evaluation and analytics, instructional technology and human resource development. 


  • This program is designed for maximum flexibility; starting in the third year, all courses are offered online with a one-day on-campus experience each semester in Clemson.
  • This program offers varied pathways for entry, whether you are a transfer student, a nontraditional student, a traditional first-year student, changing your major or a high school dual-enrollment student.
  • The average annual salary for human capital education and development professionals ranges between $60,000-$121,000.
  • Graduates will have a competitive edge through acquisition of workforce readiness and skill sets that can lead to promotion and leadership roles.
  • Students will have opportunities to network with alumni, industry leaders and local industry employers.


There are many flexible pathways of entry into the human capital education and development degree, which may include first-time first-year students, students changing their majors, Bridge students and technical college transfer students.  

The first 60 credit hours may either be completed at Clemson or your technical college of choice. Areas of study include:

•General education.

•Support area.

The last 60 credit hours may be completed online through Clemson with a residency on campus per semester. Program areas of study include:

•Foundations in human capital education and development.

•Leadership and organizational change.

•Digital learning ecosystems.

•Analytics, evaluation and systems improvement.

•Applied learning.

Numerous postgraduation pathways include:

•Master's in human resource development.

•Employment in workforce and community development and education.

•Employment in business and industry.

•Professional development and career enhancement.

For more information, please visit the Human Capital Education and Development program page.

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