Pan African Studies (B.A.)


The global market has made us a global society. Understanding all parts of the world, including an in-depth knowledge of different cultures, religions and backgrounds — not just the statistics — gives students an advantage in the working world. Students in the Pan African studies program are learning that if they can engage with all people, they will be a lot more successful in life. You'll be taught to ask critical questions about the social, economic, political and familial contributions Africans have made to Western society and to identify connections among Africans in diverse cultures. Pan African Studies also works well as a double major, complementing a primary area of study in politics, business, education, the sciences or the humanities.

One of the unique aspects of a degree in Pan African Studies is the cultural impact your education will have on your professional perspective. Developing cultural awareness and sensitivity is of the utmost importance when dealing with racial inequities and societal injustices. Pan African Studies properly prepares students to appreciate the differences in people, which in turn improves professionalism upon graduation. Our students are prepared to enter a variety of fields — including law, education, corporate training, business, politics and nonprofit leadership — or pursue further postgraduate education. 


  • Pan African Studies is a fairly new degree program offered at Clemson, although it has been a minor for many years.
  • Pan African Studies is adaptive and allows our students to creatively build their major to fit individual interests as they relate to a global Black culture.
  • This major prepares students to think and work globally, while heightening cultural sensitivity and awareness.
  • Our affiliated faculty come from many colleges across the University and pride themselves on the quality of their teaching and research in diverse fields ranging from English literature and history to religious studies and political science.


As a Clemson Pan African Studies major, you will have the opportunity to specifically design your study to fit your personal academic interests in conversation with your academic adviser. To receive a thorough grounding in liberal arts and sciences, you will choose classes in literature, theater, music and foreign language, as well as social and natural sciences. In these classes, you will spend your time exploring topics such as religion, culture, history and education. This interdisciplinary curriculum, combining coursework associated with the African diaspora, is supplemented by various practical work experiences and opportunities. Writing will be central to your studies, and in your senior year, you will take a capstone course in which you produce a major research project.

Potential regional areas of study include:

  • North America.
  • Africa.
  • Latin America.


Study Abroad – Linking the Transatlantic Slave Route to South Carolina

Pan African Studies and Clemson University are currently partnering with Northern Illinois University to create an exceptional study abroad experience linking the Transatlantic Slave Route of Ghana to Barbados to Charleston. This program is in the primary stages of development.

Collaborative Programs

Pan African Studies developed and/or co-sponsored several engaging programs throughout the 2019-2020 academic year.

  • Annual Ethics Day with Dr. Valerie Daniels-Carter (October 2019) – "By the Power Invested In Me: Unapologetically Walking the Path of Ethical Leadership In Awareness and Authenticity."
  • Black History Month Keynote Speaker: Former college football and NFL player, author and motivational speaker Michael Sam.
  • Black Faculty and Staff Seminar.
  • Lecture Series with Dr. Paul Finkelman (October 2019) – "Substituting the Electric Chair for the Lynch Mob."

Popular Minors

  • Business
  • Communication
  • English
  • History
  • Legal Studies
  • Women's Leadership
  • Psychology
  • Sociology


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