Prerehabilitation Sciences (Non-Degree Program)


Clemson offers a couple different paths for students interested in working in a rehabilitation field. We offer a three-year program, which prepares you to meet the requirements for entry into some rehabilitation medicine programs. However, professional-level programs in physical therapy, occupational therapy, and communications sciences and disorders typically require a bachelor’s degree prior to acceptance. In those cases, you can select from any major Clemson offers. This path is ideal for students who want to earn a Clemson undergraduate degree before entering professional school.


  • Admission to professional-level programs is heavily weighted toward criteria such as academic record, work experience, extracurricular activities, GRE scores, honors/awards, letters of recommendation and interviews.
  • PreHealth advisers are available to assist students in any major seeking entrance into the various health professional schools.
  • Entrants must complete an accredited education program and pass a national exam in order to obtain a license.


It is critical that students work closely with an academic adviser to fulfill specific degree requirements for a major; it’s also critical to work with a PreHealth adviser to stay on track with necessary prerequisites and varying admissions requirements for each advanced degree and school. Depending on your desired career path, course requirements typically include biology, chemistry, psychology, human anatomy and mathematics as well as general education classes.

If you choose to graduate with a Clemson undergraduate degree, your course requirements will depend on the major you choose. While there are many majors that meet the requirements with ease, others may require additional course work. You will need to communicate with your major adviser as well as the PreHealth adviser to ensure all requirements are obtained.

While at Clemson, you can build a résumé full of diverse experiences based on your personal interests and career goals. There are vast opportunities to become immersed in scientific research, and we encourage students to gain work experience or even travel abroad while at Clemson. Our undergraduate research program — called Creative Inquiry — allows you to conduct research with a team of fellow undergraduate students and a faculty mentor. Plus, our faculty are great about opening up their laboratories to welcome volunteers, student workers or independent projects. Check out our department website for more information and to find ways to get involved.


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