Dr. Paul Dawson


Email: pdawson@clemson.edu
Office: 864-656-1138

Department of Food, Nutrition, and Packaging Sciences

226 Life Sciences Building

PhD North Carolina State University

Research in Food Safety and Quality
Undergraduate and Graduate student teaching and research advising

Research interest:
Dr. Paul L. Dawson is a Professor of Food Science. He received his undergraduate degree from Salisbury University, his M.S. from the University of Florida, and his Ph.D. from North Carolina State University. During this time he also worked for Perdue Farms. After a two-year post-doctorate at NCSU, he joined the Food Science and Human Nutrition Department at Clemson University in 1991. Since coming to Clemson he has focused on food safety/quality research including meat safety and shelf life, bio-based and active packaging films, nanotechnology applications in food safety, and animal co-product safety. He also teaches two graduate courses; FDSC 811 Physical & Thermophysical Properties of Foods and FDSC 810 Chemical & Biochemical Aspects of Foods. Published works include over 100 abstracts, over 80 research manuscripts, and 10 book chapters.

Trevino, Judith; Ballieu, Brad; Yost, Rachel; Danna, Samantha; Harris, Genevieve; Dejonckheere , Jacklyn; Dimitroff, Danielle; Philips, Mark; Moore, Chloe; Han, Inyee; and Dawson, Paul. 2009. Effect of double-dipping chips on the bacterial count of the dipping solution. Journal of Food Safety 29:37-48.
Keokamnerd, T., Han, I, Acton, J., and Dawson, P. 2008. Effect of commercial rosemary oleoresin preparations on ground chicken thigh meat quality packaged in a high oxygen atmosphere. Poultry Science 87(1): 170-179
Mangalassary, Sunil; Han, Inyee; Rieck, James; Acton, James; Jiang, Xiuping; Sheldon, Brian and Dawson, Paul. 2007. Effect of combining nisin and/or lysozyme with in-package pasteurization on thermal inactivation of Listeria monocytogenes in ready-to-eat turkey bologna. Journal of Food Protection 70(11): 2503-2511.
Mangalassary, S., Han, I., Rieck, J., Acton, J., and Dawson, P. 2008. Effect of combining nisin and/or lysozyme with in-package pasteurization for control of Listeria monocytogenes in Ready-to-Eat Turkey bologna during refrigerated storage. Food Microbiology 25, (7): 866-870.
Dhananjayan, R. , Han, I.Y., Acton, J.C., and Dawson. P.L. 2006.Growth depth effects of bacteria on ground turkey meat patties subjected to high carbon dioxide or high oxygen atmosphere. Poultry Science 85:1821-1828.
Dawson, P., I. Han, B. Cox, C. Black and L. Simmons. 2006. Residence time and food contact time effects on transfer of Salmonella Typhimurium from tile, wood and carpet: Testing the five-second rule. Journal of Applied Microbiology 102, (4): 945-953, 2007.
Dawson, P.L., Hirt, D.E., Rieck, J.R., Acton, J.C., and Sotthibandhu, A. 2003. Nisin release from films is affected by both protein type and film-forming method. Food Research International. 36(9-10):959-968.
Dawson, P.L., Acton, J.C. and Ogale, A.A. 2002. Biopolymer films and potential applications to meat and poultry products. Proc. Recip. Meat Conf. 54:75-81.

Professional society activity:
Institute of Food Technologists
Poultry Science Association

Honors and awards:
2007 Godley-Snell Award for Excellence in Agricultural Research.
2006 CAFLS Graduate Teaching Award
Current member of the Scientific Advisory Committee for the World Food Logistic Organization (Refrigerated Warehousemen Association)

Food Resources and Society FDSC 214
Chemical and Biochemical Aspects of Food, FDSC 810
Physical and Thermophysical Properties of Food, FDSC 811

Research by creative inquiry groups and graduate students (especially related to our work on "double-dipping & the 5-second rule)has also led to over 90 interviews in the print, TV and radio media in the past 2 years. The interviews have resulted in positive publicity about Clemson Food Safety research and especially the Creative Inquiry Program. The studies have seen in several worldwide outlets including USA Today, Cosmopolitan, CNN, The CBS Early Show, The Jay Leno Show, National Public Radio, Canadian Broadcasting Company, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, The Scientist, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Harpers Magazine, Reader's Digest UK, Discovery Channel Canada, The Associated Press, NPR and over 60 radio stations and newspapers in the US. One of the most enjoyable interviews related to this research was on the NPR "What D' Ya Know Show" with Michael Feldman which broadcast live from the Clemson University Brooks Center in April 2008.