Felix Barron

Professor and Food Processing & Safety Engineer
Food Processing Safety Engineer
Food Safety and Nutrition Program Team, Food, Nutrition, and Packaging Sciences Department, Public Service Activities

Office: 220
Phone: 864-656-5694
Fax: Poole Agricultural Center

Email: fbarron@clemson.edu

 Educational Background

Ph. D. Food Science Engineering
Michigan State University 1990.

MS Food Technology and Nutrition
University of Rome, Italy 1976

MS Food Science Engineering
Washington State University 1982

BS Food Chemical Engineering
University of Chihuahua, MX 1972

 Courses Taught

Food Process Engineering
Design of Thermal Processes (canning)


My area of expertise based on my Engineering background and experience with industry focuses on the use of Engineering and Scientific principles to solve problems in the food processing and food packaging industries. I offer educational programs to empower food processors to improve their operations. one example is the Better Process Control School, offered in both languages: English and Spanish

 Research Interests

Design of thermal processes: conventional canning and aseptic processing, shelf life, Food auditing and Inspections

 Extension and Outreach

Assisting the Food Processing and packaging industries of South Carolina, and international companies. Professional service and fluent in English, Spanish and Italian languages. Design of thermal processes for Food safety and Packaging, shelf life determinations, Food inspections, Laws and Regulations