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Agrisystems Productivity & ProfitabilityClemson Extension's Agrisystems Productivity & Profitability is a resource for the dissemination of Agricultural Enterprise Systems, Agribusiness Programs and Enterprise Budgets for any agricultural business as well as additional agriculture-related and food business materials. Current commodity market information, professional development courses, webinars and other useful resources are also available for growers, lenders, agricultural leaders and extension personnel to be informed of potential opportunities in the agricultural market. Webinars are provided for the use of some electronic files.

Confined Animal Manure ManagerCreated in 1998, the Confined Animal Manure Manager (CAMM) program helps industry professionals meet the requirements of State Regulation R.61-43. Since 2009 the CAMM team has held 45 trainings in 18 different locations around the state, and certified some 1,461 growers, agents, and agency and integrator personnel.  Currently two full-day certification trainings are held each year (one Swine and one Poultry).

The South Carolina New and Beginning Farmers program (SCNBFP) is focused on enabling new and beginning farmers to be successful, productive, and innovative members of their local agricultural community by providing them with the tools, knowledge and skills necessary to be successful entrepreneurs; sound business managers; exemplary stewards of SWAPA (soil, water, air, plants, and animals), and successful marketers of the unique products they create; and, perhaps most importantly, individuals who have a sense of pride and quality of life as a result of their investment and participation in the agricultural community of South Carolina.

NxLevel for Agriculture Entrepreneurship is a step-by-step business planning program designed to help agricultural entrepreneurs begin, manage, and grow their business.  This course targets entrepreneurs who have started or are thinking about starting an agricultural venture that is not tied to large-scale, commodity-style production. The materials are specifically designed for individuals who are pursuing innovative ideas and enhanced marketing opportunities in agriculture. This 10–session course is usually delivered over 12 weeks.

Women's Agricultural NetworkThe South Carolina Women's Agricultural Network (SC WAgN) supports women in agriculture by providing positive learning environments, networking, and empowerment. The network is comprised of women farmers, agricultural professionals, agricultural educators, and informed consumers committed to supporting and providing educational opportunities to women working in agriculture and ag-related businesses.