Teaching & Research A-Z List

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 * = graduate faculty advisors


Adelberg, Jeff *: Tissue Cult/Breeding/Genetics

Adler, Peter *: Arthropod Biodiversity

Agudelo, Paula *: Plant Pathology/Nematology

Andrae, John *: Forages/Grassland


Baldwin, Robert *: Conservation Biology, GIS

Barrett, Kyle *: Ecology, Biodiversity Conservation, Water, Wildlife

Beard, Eddie: Physiology, Symbiosis, Mycology

Beecher, Lance: Chemist, Fisheries

Bellinger, Robert (Bob) *: Pesticide Safety Education/Agricultural  Entomology and Pest Management

Benson, Eric *: Arthropod Biodiversity/Urban Entomology

Blanton, Rex: Entomology

Bolotova, Yuliya: Agribusiness Economics

Burgess, Layla: Biocontrol


Carner, Gerry: Insect Pathology/Microbial Control (Emeriti)

Caterino, Michael:  beetle diversity, genetic diversity of Histeridae

Chapin Jay: Peanut/Wheat Production (Emeriti)

Chastain, John P. *: Agricultural Waste Management

Cheng, Zhongping: BRC, (Postdoc)

Chong, “JC” *: Arthro Biodiversity/Agricultural Entomology/Urban Entomology

Chow, Alex *: Soil and Water Chemistry / Biogeochemistry, Ecosystem Health

Conner, William *: Wetlands/Forest Ecology/Silviculture

Cox, H. Keith: Agricultural Programs supervisor (Pee Dee and Lower State) and director of the SC FFA Association

Cullin, Joseph: Ecology (Biodiversity, Conservation), Entomology


Davis, Rickie *: Wildlife Biology/Habiatat Management

Degenhardt, Dave: Biochemical Ecology

Duberstein, Jamie: Coastal ecology, wetland forests and marshes

Dutta, Trishna: Carnivore Biology, Landscape Genetics, Man-animal conflict, Conservation planning


Ellis, Jackie:

English, Rockie *: Water Quality, Stream Restoration

Estes, Alan: Turfgrass

Eversole, Arnold: Forestry and Wildlife Biology (Emeriti)


Faust, Jim *: Floriculture

Fortnum, Bruce *: Plant Pathology/Director Pee Dee REC

Fravel, Philip M. *: Advisor to CCFFA

Frederick, James *: Crop Physiology


Gasic, Ksenija *: Molecular Peach Breeding

Gering, Lawrence *: Forest Measurements, GIS, GPS

Greene, Jeremy *: Agricultural Entomology/Cotton/Soybeans

Guynn, David C.: Wildlife Management (Emeriti)

Guynn, Susan: Continuing Education, Forestry and Natural Resources


Hagan, Donald: Forest ecology, forest soils, invasion ecology

Han, Young J. *: Instrumentation and Control, Precision Agriculture

Harshman, David: Plant Pathology

Hassell, Richard *: Vegetable Crops

Hayes, John C.: Water Quality

Hitchcock, Dan *: Ecological Design, Ecological Engineering, Water Resources

Hood, Mike *: Arthropod Biodiversity/Apiculture

Hughes, David W. *: Region/Rural/Community Economic Development, economic impact and feasibility analysis, Extension Program Leader: Community Development

Hwang, Jaesoon: (Postdoc) Plant Pathology



Jachowski, David: Wildlife Ecology

Jayakaran, Anand *: Coastal Hydrology & Fluvial Geomorphology

Jeffers, Steve *: Plant Pathology/Diseases of ornamental crops and trees

Jodice, Patrick *: Wildlife (Avian) Ecology, Conservation Biology, Energetics

Johnson, Alan *: Ecological Modeling, Ecotoxicology and Risk Assessment

Johnson, Ron J.: Wildlife Biology/Biosystems (Emeriti)

Jones, Michael A. *: Cotton - Agronomy

Jones, Robert H. "Bob": Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, Forest Ecology


Kaminski, Richard M.Wildlife, Waterfowl and wetlands ecology/management

Kanno, Yoichiro: Fisheries ecology

Keels, Billy E.: Directs the Agricultural Education program in secondary schools in SC

Keinath, Anthony *: Plant Pathology/Diseases of Vegetables

Kerrigan, Julia *: Plant Pathology/Mycology

Khalilian, Ahmad *: Precision Agriculture

Kirk, Kendall R. *: Fabrication, Power & Machinery

Knap, Halina *: Plant Molecular Genetics/Cytogenetics/PES  (Emeriti)

Kresovich, Stephen: Plant Genetics and Biochemistry Genomics, Bioinformatics and Population Genetics


Lamie, Ronald D. *: Community Economics

Lanham, Drew *: Wildlife (non-game) Ecology, Management

Layfield, Dale *: Agricultural Education

Layton, Patricia: Director, Wood Utilization and Design Institute

Lippert, Bob *: Soils/4-H Sister Schools Program

Liu, Haibo *: Turfgrass/Sports Turf


Majsztrik, John: Irrigation Water at Ornamental Production Operations

Marshall, Mike *: Weed Science—Agronomy

Martin, Bruce *: Biology & Ecology of fungi and turfgrasses

Massey, Hunter: Agricultural Mechanization

McCall, Jeff: Plant Science, Soybean Breeding and Genetics, Plant Science, Soybean Breeding and Genetics

McCarty, Bert *: Turfgrass/Golf Course

McFadden, Katherine * (In memoriam): Wildlife Conservation Ecology

McMillan, Patrick: South Carolina Botanical Garden

Melgar, Juan Carlos: Pomology

Mickey, Scott: Agri-Business

Mikhailova, Elena *: Soil Genesis and Classification, Pedology

Morse, John: Entomology (Emeriti)

Mueller, John *: Cotton/Soybean diseases


Park, Dara *: Turfgrass/Soil & Water Quality

Peterson, Paul D.: Agronomic Crops

Polomski, Bob: Horticulture and Urban Forestry

Post, Christopher *: GIS, Remote Sensing

Powell, Bob *: Ecology (Biodiversity, Conservation), Forestry

Privette, Charles *: Agricultural Mechanization, Surveying


Rauh, Brad:

Reay-Jones, Francis *: Agricultural Entomology

Reighard, Greg *: Commercial Fruit Culture & Genetics

Riley, Lissa: Plant Analysis/Plant Disease (Emeriti)

Rodgers, John *: Ecotoxicology, Risk Mitigation, Wetlands, Aquatic Ecology

Rodriguez, Shari L.: Human dimensions of wildlife conservation and management, wildlife conservation 


Sanderson, Stephen: Agricultural Programs supervisor and director of SC Young Farmer and Agribusiness Association

Sawyer, Cal *: Water Quality & Storm Water

Schnabel, Guido *: Plant Pathology/Fungal and Bacterial Diseases - fruits

Schoulties, Calvin: Microbiology (Emeriti)

Shelburne, Victor: Forest Ecology, Tree Physiology, Landscape ecology (Emeriti)

Shepard, Merle: Vegetable Entomology (Emeriti)

Shipe, Emerson *: Soybean Breeding & Genetics (Emeriti)

Smathers, Webb *: Agriculture and Wildlife Economics

Smith, Bill: Soils (Emeriti)

Song, Bo *: Landscape Ecology, Ecology (Biodiversity, Conservation), Forestry

Stephens, Michael: Research Specialist

Straka, Thomas *: Forest Management, Economics

Stringer, Bill: Propagation & Seed Production of Native Species (Emeriti)


Tharayil, Nishanth *: Plant Physiology/Weed Ecology

Thavarajah, Dil: Pulse crops and vegetables, Vegetable production

Tonkyn, David: Ecology

Turnbull, Matt *: Cell Biology & Virology/Arthropod Biodiversity


Van Bloem, Skip: Forest response to disturbance

Vassalos, Michael: Farm and agribusiness management, production economics

Vernon, Jeffery: 

Vincent, Ellen: Environmental Landscape


Wang, Geoff *: Silviculture, Forest Ecology, Fire Ecology

Wheeler, Alfred. G., Jr., Terrestrial Heteroptera (Adjunct)

Whetstone, Jack: Pond Management/Aquatic Landscaping (Emeriti)

White, Sarah *: Water Quality/Nursery Crops

Whitwell, Ted: Turf and Landscape Management, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Interim Director for SAFES

Wiatrak, Pawel: Corn/Soybean Agronomic Production

Willey, Rick: 4-H Natural Resources

Williams, Tom: Forest Hydrology (Emeriti)

Willis, David *: Production (agricultural) and Environmental and Natural Resource Economics


Yarrow, Greg *: Wildlife Ecology/Human-Wildlife Conflicts


Zehnder, Geoff *: Sustainable/organic agriculture, integrated pest management

Zungoli, Patricia *: Arthropod Biodiversity/Urban Entomology, Urban Pest Management