Dr. Lawrence R. Gering

Associate Professor, Forest Measurements/GIS, GPS

Lawrence GeringEmail: lgering@clemson.edu
Office: (864) 656-4853

School of Agricultural, Forest, and Environmental Sciences

Ph.D. University of Georgia, Forest Biometrics - 1985
M.S. Clemson University, Forest Management - 1982
B.S. University of Maine, Forest Management - 1979

Research interest:
Research emphasizes the quantitative component of forest management, with particular emphasis on forest inventory methods. 1. Development of a model for defining and predicting the urban / wildland interface for Pickens, Oconee and Anderson Counties in South Carolina 2. A vegetation and herptofaunal survey of the South Carolina National Guard Training Facility at Clarks Hill 3. A study which combines GIS spatial analysis using demographic and housing data along with land use data to geographically define the urban/rural fringe in the Piedmont of South Carolina, to determine the value of living in the urban/rural fringe and to determine how different fringe landscape characteristics impact housing values. 4. Development of individual-tree growth and yield models for uneven-aged shortleaf pine stands in the Interior Highlands of Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Espey, M., F. Fakhruddin, L.R. Gering and H. Lin 2007. Living on the edge: residential property values in the urban-rural interface. Journal of Agricultural & Applied Economics 39(3): 689-699.
Cunningham, C., M. Espey, L.R. Gering, K.H. King and H. Lin. 2007. Faces of suburbanization: residential location choice at the urban fringe. Review of Agricultural Economics 29(3): 390-395.
Dantzler, D.W., T. Straka, L. Gering and G. Yarrow. 2007. Tourism, recreation, education – and landfills. MSW Management 17(6). 92-94.
Gering, L.R., T.S. Eddins and M.W. Marek. 2005. Defining the urban/rural interface of the South Carolina Piedmont using a GIS-based model. In: Proc. of International Conference on Emerging Issues Along Urban/Rural Interfaces: Linking Science and Society; March 13-16, 2005; Atlanta, GA (pp 18-21)
Abella, S.R., L.R. Gering and V.B. Shelburne. 2004. Slope correction of plot dimensions for vegetation sampling in mountainous terrain. Natural Areas Journal 24(4): 358-360.

Professional society activity:
Society of American Foresters
Certified Forester #748
SC Registered Forester #1651

Honors and awards:
Ansel E. Miller Excellence in Teaching Award, Clemson University Department of Forestry and Natural Resources; 2006
Advisor to the National Outstanding Student Chapter Award, Society of American Foresters; 2000

FOR 253 - Forest Mensuration
FOR 302 - Forest Biometrics
FOR 308 - Remote Sensing and GIS in Forestry
FOR 433/633 - GPS Applications