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Graduate Programs

Treatment PlantProgram Rationale

Providing environmental leadership today and tomorrow: Our appreciation of the complexity and impact of human interactions with our chemical, physical, and biologic environment is continuously expanding. As a result, we recognize that today’s students need to balance a scientific understanding of natural systems and processes with the ability to realistically evaluate and design for the role of people in these systems. Clemson meets this challenge by offering students the opportunity to integrate scientific and engineering perspectives through our diverse range of MS and PhD programs. Our unique interdisciplinary perspective prepares students as leaders in government, industry, and academia.

Opportunities Await

Our faculty pursue a diverse range of environmental research topics. For example, current research areas range from investigating the behavior and management of pollutants in the environment, to studying the physical properties of rocks and sediments that are the sources of our water, energy, and mineral resources, to providing long-term energy solutions through the design of sustainable systems for biofuel production. All of our students benefit from the mentorship of a major advisor in planning and performing a research project compatible with your personal interests.

To provide students with the optimal resources for producing cutting edge research, our facilities are spread over two campuses: Brackett Hall on the main Clemson University campus and the Rich Lab at the Clemson Advanced Materials Research Park. In addition to an extensive set of analytical and computational facilities at these locations, our department also maintains an inventory of field equipment for short or long-term deployment at field sites, such as at our instrumented watershed in the Clemson Experimental Forest.

If you are a dedicated student with a background in science or engineering and want to take on the interdisciplinary challenge needed to care for our environment in the future, then Clemson is the place for you! Explore our site to investigate our degree programs and learn about research opportunities in the department.

Taking the Next Step

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