Annual Giving

student on campusWith your annual support and/or a lifetime commitment, your gifts make a difference. Giving to Clemson helps young people get a solid foundation upon which to build successful careers and, more importantly, successful lives. Declining state resources have made Clemson's drive for excellence more challenging. But every Clemson alumnus or friend who makes an annual gift accelerates our momentum to the top. Please join us on the road to the Top 20 by making your gift today.

About The Clemson Fund

The Clemson Fund receives all private gifts for Clemson University and the Clemson University Foundation from individuals (alumni, faculty, staff, friends and parents), corporations and philanthropic foundations. Gifts may be unrestricted or restricted to annual operations, endowment or capital needs.

Ways to support Clemson are as varied as our alumni. But whether your gift is large or small, restricted or unrestricted, outright or deferred, it will benefit Clemson. The number of alumni making a gift every year is important in determining national rankings of colleges and universities. With every donation to the Clemson Fund, not only do our rankings gain ground but Clemson students benefit from scholarships, books, equipment and programs your gifts provide.

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