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From the 2017-18 Chair, Hank Owen

Hank Owen, Board of Visitors, Chair, 2017-18 at Clemson University, Clemson South Carolina

It is an honor and privilege to serve as the 2017-18 Chair of the Board of Visitors for Clemson University. This Board, comprised of individuals nominated by the Board of Trustees, has the primary responsibility to serve as goodwill ambassadors for the University in our local communities and on campus.

Through the committee structure of the Board of Visitors, the members are involved with student recruitment, student activities, and engagement. The members are also involved with University-directed advocacy at the state and federal level. The Board of Visitors works closely with the President’s Office to provide assistance as needed in meeting University goals and initiatives. The Board meets twice a year to engage with University officials to ensure our communications are accurate and timely.

The Board of Visitors recognizes a staff member for outstanding service to the University with the Marvin G. Carmichael Service Award. The Board of Visitors spouses group has also led an initiative and leadership for the endowment of the Grace Clements Scholarship designed to support students in the ClemsonLIFE program.

Clemson University has unquestionably become a national leader and prominent voice in higher education. Clemson also is a leading contributor to the economic growth and development for its various constituencies. The Board of Visitors is delighted to provide its assistance in keeping the University at the forefront in its leadership position as a land grant university.

My wife, Kay, and I are 1973 Clemson graduates and with our children, Katie ‘99, and Henry ‘02, we are a proud Clemson family. It is satisfying and rewarding to be able to give something back to the University that shaped and continues to shape our lives in so many ways. As part of that spirit of the Clemson family, the Board of Visitors is honored to support and assist our students, faculty, and staff as Clemson University continues to make a difference for the people of South Carolina and the world beyond.

Go Tigers!

Hank Owen
Board of Visitors Chair 2017-2018