Board Members

  • sienkowski.jpeg
    Adrienne Lynn Sienkowski

    Board of Visitors Chair
    COO, ENVIRO AgScience, Inc.
    Term expires: Sustaining

  • cullum1.png
    Barbara A. Cullum

    Board of Visitors Vice Chair
    Southeast Regional Claims Manager,
    Eastern Alliance Insurance Group
    Term expires: Sustianing

  • Greg Smith
    Greg Smith

    Board of Visitors Secretary
    President, Blue Vista Ventures, LLC
    Term expires: Sustaining

  • Abercrombie
    Roy Abercrombie

    Chairman, Colliers International
    Term expires: Past Chair ‘94

  • Raymond Anderson
    Ray Anderson

    Special Assistant to the Mayor, City of North Charleston
    Term expires: Past Chair ‘16

  • Berry
    Al Berry

    President, The Educational Group, Inc.
    Term expires: Past Chair ‘01

  • Besley
    Anjali Besley

    Senior Vice President, Bank of America
    Term expires: 2022

  • Black
    Pat Black

    Teacher, Orangeburg School District 4
    Term expires: Past Chair ‘97

  • Blanton
    Stephanie Blanton

    Senior VP of Global Marketing & Corporate Affiars, Bank of America

  • Bond
    Margaret Bond

    Retired, Elementry School Teacher
    Term expires: 2023

  • Caldwell
    Rick Caldwell

    Policy Specialist & Legislative Coord., SC Farm Bureau Federation
    Term expires: Past Chair ‘20

  • Carter
    Jack Carter

    COO, Richland School District 2
    Term expires: Past Chair ‘08

  • Cato
    Harry Cato

    Consultant, Blue Moon Strategies
    Term expires: 2023

  • Douglas Clamp
    Douglas Clamp

    Retired, School Administrator
    Term expires: 2022

  • Clary
    Trish Clary

    Retired, Instructor of Nursing, USC Upstate
    Term expires: 2021

  • Shaun Cranford
    Shaun Cranford

    Cranford Law Firm
    Term expires: 2022

  • Creel
    Jim Creel

    Vice President, Creel Corporation
    Term expires: Past Chair ‘12

  • Dalton
    Libby Dalton

    Retired, CEO
    Term expires: 2022

  • Angela Davis
    Angela Davis

    Global Medical Director, Pulmonary, Grifols Shared Services, Inc.

  • Douglas
    Susan Douglas

    Term expires: 2021

  • Dozier
    Sam Dozier

    VP, Customer Service, South Carolina Electric & Gas Company
    Term expires: Past Chair ‘13

  • Trey DuBose, III
    Trey DuBose, III

    MD, General Internist, IMA Greenville
    Term expires: 2023

  • Dunbar
    Matt Dunbar

    Managing Director, VentureSouth
    Term expires: 2021

  • Durham
    Kelly Durham

    Term expires: Past Chair ‘05

  • Edge
    Sandy Edge

    Advising, College of Business
    Term expires:

  • Eison
    Tommy Eison

    Orthopaedic Surgeon, Spartanburg Regional Health System
    Term expires: 2023

  • Cindy Epps
    Cindy Epps

    Retired, Teacher – Early Childhood
    Term expires: 2023
    Term expires: 2023

  •  Faircloth
    Freddy Faircloth, IV

    Owner, The Faircloth Law Firm
    Term expires: 2022

  • Fauntleroy
    Betsy Fauntleroy


  • Garrison
    Kevin Garrison

    Attorney, Robinson Gray Stepp & Laffitte
    Term expires: 2021

  • Garvin
    Scott Garvin

    President, Garvin Design Group

  • Gill
    Mike Gill, Jr.

    Portfolio Manager, Cornerstone Advisory
    Term expires: 2023

  • Matt Gross
    Matt Gross

    VP Clemson Market, Founders Federal Credit Union
    Term expires: 2021

  • Gore
    Austin Gore

    Owner, Outdoor Hands
    Term expires: Past Chair ‘10

  • Haas
    Teresa Haas

    Director of Government & Community Relations, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions
    Term expires: Legislative Sec.

  • Hance
    Tim Hance

    President, J. Timothy Hance, Architect, P.A.
    Term expires: Legislative Chair

  • Herndon
    Warren Herndon

    Attorney, Woodward Cothran & Herndon
    Term expires: 2021

  • Hunter
    Kathy Hunter

    Activities Coordinator, Clemson Downs; Personal Trainer
    Term expires: Sustaining 2020

  • Susan Jackson
    Susan Jackson

    Partner, Nelson Mullins Riley + Scarborough LLP
    Term expires: 2022

  • jones.jpg
    Heather Jones

    Senior Economic Advisor
    Term expires: Sustaining 2020

  • Kassis
    Danny Kassis

    Vice President of Customer Service & Renewables, SC Electric & Gas Company
    Term expires: Past Chair ‘19

  • Kenrick
    Greg Kenrick

    President, RGK Properties, LLC

  • LaRoche
    Tom LaRoche

    Term expires: Past Chair ‘09

  • Lee
    Ronnie Lee

    Dentist, Ronald D. Lee, D.M.D., P.C.
    Nominated by: Board of Trustees

  • Lockwood
    David Lockwood

    Executive VP and COO, Colliers International SC, Inc.
    Term expires: Student Success Sec.

  • Lowder
    Clay Lowder, III

    MD, Colonial Healthcare
    Term expires: 2023

  • Mabry
    Luke Mabry

    Owner, Fibex, Inc.
    Term expires: Marketing Chair

  • Kaki Mac Lain
    Kaki Mac Lain

    Commercial Realtor, NAI Earle Furman
    Term expires: 2022

  • McCarter
    Lauren McCarter

    President/CEO, McCarter Services, LLC
    Term expires: Sustaining 2020

  • McKissick
    Holly McKissick

    Sr. Account Executive, Hughes Agency
    Term expires: 2023

  • Angie Mettlen
    Angie Mettlen

    Director of Strategic Funding + Regulatory Affairs, WK Dickson + Co, Inc.
    Term expires: 2022

  • Morris
    Scott Morris

    Vice President - Health Sciences, Change Healthcare
    Term expires: 2023

  • morton.jpg
    Gregg Morton

    Term expires: Past Chair ‘03

  • Murdaugh
    David Murdaugh

    Owner and Agent, The Murdaugh Agency
    Term expires: Marking Sec.

  • Nance
    Eva Nance

    Senior VP, Global Commerical Banking, Bank of America
    Term expires: 2023

  • Hank Owen
    Hank Owen

    Retired, Attorney
    Term expires: Past Chair ‘17

  • Page
    Neely Page

    President, Contractors South, Inc.
    Term expires: 2023

  • Perry
    Phil Perry

    Salesman & Crop Advisor, Seedway, LLC
    Term expires: 2021

  • Pettigrew
    John Pettigrew, Jr.

    Real Estate Broker, Pettigrew Properties, LLC
    Term expires: 2021

  • Lee Prickett
    Lee Prickett

    Attorney, Holder Padgett Littlejohn + Prickett, LLC
    Term expires: 2022

  • Sheila Quinn
    Sheila Quinn

    Supterintendent of Schools, Clover District Two
    Term expires: 2022

  • Ragley
    Connelly-Anne Ragley

    Director, Communications + External Affairs, SC Dept. of Social Services
    Term expires: 2023

  • Reed
    Tim Reed

    Investments and Real Estate
    Term expires: Past Chair ‘06

  • Rhodes
    Thomas Rhodes

    President, Rhodes Graduation Services, Inc.
    Term expires: Sustaining 2020

  • Libby Roof
    Libby Roof

    Chief Communications Officer, Richland School District 2
    Term expires: 2022

  • Rip Sanders
    Rip Sanders

    Attorney, Bernstein & Bernstein Law Firm
    Term expires: 2021

  • Seabrook
    Ben Seabrook

    CEO, SeabrookFI Group, LLC
    Term expires: Sustaining 2020

  • Shepard
    Bob Shepard

    Principal, R.N. Shepard Investments LLC
    Term expires: Past Chair ‘11

  • Gene Smith
    Gene Smith

    Director of Product and Technical Marketing, Legrand North America
    Term expires: 2023

  • Sykes
    Jim Sykes, Jr.

    Retired, Regional VP, Georgia Power
    Term expires: 2023

  • Allen Ward
    Allen Ward

    President & CEO, Ward Edwards
    Term expires: 2021

  • Sam White
    Sam White, Jr.

    SW Promotions
    Term expires: 2022

  • Charles Wingard
    Charles Wingard

    VP, Field Operations, Walter P Rawl + Sons
    Term expires: 2023

  • S. Wilkins
    Susan Wilkins

    Term expires: 2022

  • Babs Wilson
    Babs Wilson

    Term expires: 2021

  • Worsham
    Maggie Worsham

    Realtor, Coldwell Banker Caine
    Term expires: Past Chair ‘01

  • Yonce
    Joy Yonce

    Term expires: Sustaining 2020