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University Commissions

Presidential Commissions

President's Commission on Black Faculty and Staff

The Clemson University President's Commission on the Status of Black Faculty & Staff was established by the Office of the President on September 1, 1998. The Commission is charged with documenting the status of black faculty & staff and advising the President and Administrative Council with specific recommendations for increasing diversity and enhancing the quality of life among black employees in the University's workforce.

President's Commission on the Status of Women at Clemson University 

This commission was established to improve the quality of life for women at Clemson. The Commission's charge is to: Discern the status of women at Clemson University and document findings; discover and pursue the removal of institutional barriers identified by the Commission; collect information and/or conduct research regarding issues which affect women, including the study of practices followed at other Universities' Commissions on Women; and explore problem areas that limit equal opportunities and advancement.

President's Commission on Sustainability

The PCS at Clemson University will be the coordinating body for our efforts to become a model of affordable, fiscally responsible, environmental sustainability for public institutions of higher education. To creatively address sustainability, the PCS will facilitate collaboration among students, faculty, staff and the community by integrating education, research, and public service with supporting social, economic and environmental infrastructure.Com