Teams, Committees, Councils

  • Capital Planning and Financing Team
    The Capital Planning and Financing Team supports the mission and vision of Clemson University and its related organizations by providing strategies and recommendations for optimal capital structures in an ever-changing global financial market. The Team supports the University’s decision-makers by ensuring the availability of financial capital, including debt, to fulfill infrastructure plans and related obligations, while giving consideration to the University’s debt policy, cash management objectives and enterprise operational strategies.

    The Capital Planning and Financing Team will be a trusted advisor to the University’s executive leadership in all matters related to capital planning and financing. It will provide cost-effective strategies to ensure efficient resource utilization in acquiring real capital, meeting infrastructure needs, and funding the University’s plan.


    Tony Wagner, Accounting Services — 864-656-2444
    Virginia Baumann, Budget Office — 864-656-2422
    Kathy Boice, Facilities — 864-656-4577
    John McEntire, Facilities — 864-656-1238
    Gerald Vander Mey, Campus Planning — 864-656-5191
    Katy Kay, Accounting Services — 864-656-2382

  • Lean Council and Advisory Boards
    The Lean Council, External Advisory Board, and Internal Advisory Board are groups of selected individuals whose purpose is to support and direct Lean project teams. The members of these groups are selected by the Lean Office based on past experience with process improvement and Lean programs.

    For more information, please visit the Lean Office Website.
  • Campus Business Officers Group

    The Campus Business Officers Group (CBOG) serves the Clemson University community by encouraging fiscal integrity and efficiency through open communication, education, and networking. The group functions as a sounding board for sharing ideas, developing policies and procedures, improving administrative systems, leveraging best practices, and reducing administrative costs. CBOG also supports the development of financial staff through process review and training opportunities.

    CBOG membership is comprised of College and Division Business Officers and Directors representing the Finance Division, ensuring that each area on campus is represented. Meetings are held five times a year on the second Thursday of the following months: February, April, June, September, and November. To schedule agenda items for meetings or submit messages and request changes to the CBOG listserv, please contact Kathleen McMahan at


    Tony Wagner, Executive Vice President of Finance & Operations
    Carla Bennett, Provost
    Barbara Bass, College of Science
    Cynthia Barnes, Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences
    Todd Barnett, University Facilities
    Regina Carroll, Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences; College of Education
    Harriet Murphy, Behavioral, Social, Health Sciences
    Savannah Bock, College of Education
    Brittney McCall, Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences
    Leigh Dodson, Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences
    Lisa Bona, Student Affairs
    Debra Galloway, Communication and Brand Strategy
    Melissa Kelley, Public Service Activities
    Karen Littleton, University Libraries 
    La'Toya Maddox, Architecture, Arts and Humanities
    Eric Georgef, Athletics
    Megan McDonough, CU Restoration Institute
    Debbie Newsom, Clemson University Foundation
    Carla Rathbone, CCIT
    Marlo Raymark, College of Business

    Stanley Richardson, Research Division
    Erin Thomas, Economic Development, President, Secretary to the Board, and Financial Affairs
    Chris Wood, VP for Academic Affairs and Provost
    Amanda Powell, CCIT
    Ami Hood, Payroll
    Christina Bedenbaugh, Engineering, Computing, and Applied Sciences
    Jason Hooker, Budgets & Financial Planning
    Kathy Gibson, VP for Research
    Sharon Littlejohn, Athletics

    Archived minutes available here.

  • Student Fee Committee
    Oversight of the tuition and fee recommendation process rests with the Student Fee Committee. The Student Fee Committee consists of representatives from the Budget Office, Office of the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, Student Financial Services, Controller's Office, and the Office of the Vice President for Finance and Operations.

    Download Student Fees Policies and Procedures PDF.

    Members of the current Student Fee Committee are as follows:

    Virginia Baumann, University Budget Director
    Christopher Wood, Academic Affairs Financial Officer
    Linda Henderson, Director of Student Financial Services
    Sherri Rowland, Accounting Services
    Beverly Leeper, Director of Tax and Cost Accounting
    Katherine Dively, Director of Business Enhancement Strategies Team