Student Affairs

University Administration

The University is governed by a board of 13 members, including six elected by the State Legislature and seven self-perpetuating life members in accordance with the will of Thomas G. Clemson. The Board is primarily responsible for setting policy and approving budgets and expenditures. The University’s day-to-day operations are administered by the President and his Administrative Council. Following are lists of the Board of Trustees, the Administrative Council and the Deans of the five colleges.

Board of Trustees

Administrative Council

James P. Clements, President
Nadim Aziz, Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
John Ballato, Vice President Economic Development
Gail A. DiSabatino, Vice President for Student Affairs
A. Neill Cameron, Vice President for University Advancement
Larry R. Dooley, Interim Vice President for Research
Angie Leidinger, Executive Secretary to the Board of Trustees and Director of Governmental Affairs
Chip Hood, General Counsel
Dan Radakovich, Director of Athletics
Brett A. Dalton, Vice President for Finance and Operations
Catherine T. Sams, Chief Public Affairs Officer
Leon E. Wiles, Chief Diversity Officer
Marvin G. Carmichael, Assistant to the President and Chief of Staff
Debra B. Jackson, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Assistant to the President for Institutional Effectiveness
James R. Bottum, Vice Provost for Computing and Information Technology and Chief Information Officer
Nadim Aziz, Associate Provost for Faculty Development and Support
Michelle Piekutowski, Interim Director of Human Resources
Gerald Sonnenfeld, Assistant to the President

University Administration