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Our Purpose

The Office of Economic Development is Clemson’s gateway for global and local business development and builds the partnerships needed to create economically viable and competitive communities in South Carolina. Download 2020 Strategic Plan

Our Work

The Office of Economic Development improves the economy of South Carolina communities by:

  • supporting the development of new business, 
  • recruiting new business and industry, and 
  • fostering growth and retention of existing business and industry.

Innovation Campus Initiatives

Featured Researcher

Dr. Marek Urban at Clemson University, South Carolina

Dr. Marek Urban
J.E. Sirrine Foundation Endowed Chair in Materials Science and Engineering

Dr. Marek Urban and his team create groundbreaking, complex materials that can heal themselves in response to changes in light, temperature or other stimuli. READ MORE

Featured Research Collaboration

Featured Research at Clemson University, South Carolina

SCE&G Energy Innovation Center

A new power grid: Making alternative energy a reality.


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