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The Spiro Institute

The mission of Arthur M. Spiro Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership is to provide educational, research, and service programs and career enhancement opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs that will foster lifelong, personal development. By doing so, our Institute will contribute to the continued economic development of our region, state and nation.

Our reason for existence is to help Clemson students, faculty, staff, and alumni develop an entrepreneurial mindset, a way of thinking, motivated by visions of their personal leadership impacts and ownership. Personal fulfillment is at the heart of all our program objectives. We know that personal fulfillment is a prerequisite for enduring wealth creation. Spiro's continued success will be built upon:

  • the best practices of those who have come before and have become the role models of those to follow them.
  • a discipline of mind and behavior that evolves from the experiences in the classroom, research, and service to the entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • a pragmatic realization that there is no such thing as a solopreneur. All achievement rather comes by way of diverse and inclusive teams, and that often the most awesome and startling contributions come from those least expected and that might otherwise be marginalized.
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