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Brook T. Smith Launchpad

Launchpad AI Center

The Launchpad AI Center provides a dedicated virtual space for entrepreneurial teams to develop and train AI models to solve business problems. AI teams are also granted full access to our physical space and programming in the 9,000 square foot Brook T. Smith Launchpad - Clemson’s Entrepreneurship Hub.

Rolling applications to be appointed as one of our four active teams (probing your team’s problem, solution, and project plan) are submitted using the button at the bottom of this page.

Please note that generous expert support is available for all teams (those immediately selected or put in the queue) before, during, and after inclusion in the official program. 

Hardware Resources

  • NVIDIA A100 40GB
  • 1 GPU per team (4 GPU total partitioned amongst four teams)
  • 1024GB of DDR4 3200MT/s (partitioned up to 256GB amongst the 4 environments)
  • 2x AMD 7543 32C/64T (Up to 16 cores per environment)

Software Resources

  • All of the latest requisite development, programming, scheduling, and productivity tools

Other Resources

  • An accomplished AI Center Board to provide advice and oversight
  • Alumni mentors deeply involved in the world of AI
  • Hardware and Software vendors committed to helping Launchpad AI Center entrepreneurial teams
  • Access to a deep and wide investor network

Meet our AI Center Board

Lisa Taylor ‘92
Drayton Wade ‘13
Phil Walsh ‘98
Joey Albert ‘91
Greg Smith ‘84
Sam Clark ‘24
Enoh Amon
AI Professor Nathan McNeese, Ph.D.
Professor Mitch Shue
John Hannon, Ph.D.