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The Founder Society is a collection of successful Clemson-affiliated entrepreneurs from a wide variety of industries and academic disciplines. Founder Society members are also entrepreneurs who are compelled to give their time, money, and talents back to the students, faculty, staff, and alumni of Clemson in hopes of developing the next generation of entrepreneurs that will create positive change in the world.

The Founder Society believes in the opportunity to create and invest in an organization that supports academic exposure and a practical entrepreneurial ecosystem fostering innovation on, in and around the main Clemson campus.

The Founder Society believes that students, faculty, staff and alumni should have more opportunities in the planning and vetting processes of developing early-stage and small business ideas.

We believe that the opportunities created by the Spiro Institute and the Founder Society should incorporate and connect students from every college and major, bringing together students with diverse skills and backgrounds that will make a better overall experience and output.

Meet Our Founder Society Members


Photo of Stan Clifford

Stan Clifford ’73
President, DecoArt Inc.

Photo of Matt Given

Matt Given ’92, MBA ’93
Managing Director, Four Points Ventures

Photo of Tom Greer

Tom Greer ’89
Partner, Fulcrum Equity Partners LLP

Photo of Tycho Howle

Tycho Howle ’71, M.S. ’73
Former CEO & Chairman, Nubridges and Harbinger Inc.

Photo of Richard Jaynes

Richard Jaynes ’91, MBA ’93
Co-founder & EVP of Sales & Marketing, FineLine Technologies

Stuart McWhorter ’91
Co-founder, Clayton Associates and
CEO Nashville Entrepreneur Center

Photo of Andy Monin

Andy Monin ’94
Former CEO & Chairman, Vendormate Inc.

Photo of Greg Smith

Greg Smith ’84
President, Blue Vista Ventures LLC
Former Co-founder, CEO & Chairman, Advectis Inc.

Photo of Buddy Thompson

Buddy Thompson ’69, M.D. ’78 MUSC
Founder, Easley Eye Associates & The Reserve at Lake Keowee