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Clemson’s Entrepreneurship Hub

Street view of the Brook T. Smith sign over the building

Brook T. Smith Launchpad

The Brook T. Smith Launchpad is the Entrepreneurship Hub of Clemson University. Located in downtown Clemson, this 9,000 sq. ft. space offers memberships to students, faculty and staff to engage in entrepreneurial education, networking and support to launch their businesses or pursue support careers in the State, National and Global entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Entrepreneurs are of all ages and come from all walks of life. As such, we welcome individuals and teams from all Colleges, Departments and Institutions with open arms.

Our mission is to serve as the catalyst and hub for all things entrepreneurship in and beyond Clemson, South Carolina. We are fortunate to lead a dynamic community of world-class physical, virtual, financial and human resources.

We provide high-quality students, high-potential faculty and staff, highly accomplished alumni and high-impact startups with abundant content, collision, collaboration, consultation and networking opportunities.

Our North Star is to help fulfill Thomas Green Clemson’s aspiration that this University equip members of the Clemson Family to help South Carolina and the United States become more productive and prosperous.

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    Brook T. Smith Launchpad
    Brook T. Smith Launchpad | 390 College Avenue, Clemson, SC 29631