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Edisto Research & Education Center

robot at the edge of soybean crop
edisto research and education center outline of south carolina map and counties with barnwell county filled

Edisto Research & Education Center
64 Research Road
Blackville, SC 29817
(803) 284-3343

The Edisto Research & Education Center is located in Barnwell County, where scientists have studied and developed agricultural production practices since 1937. Currently, the main research focus at Edisto REC is precision agriculture, where temporal and spatial data are used to drive agricultural management decisions in an effort to maximize resource utilization efficiency, profitability, and sustainability. Research and Extension programs currently represented at Edisto REC include Agricultural Engineering, Animal Feed Grains, Livestock and Forages, Entomology, Irrigation, Peanut Production, Plant Pathology, Precision Agriculture, Sensor Utilization and Automation, Soil Fertility, Weed Science, and Vegetable Production.

Edisto REC contains 2,354 acres of row crop, pasture, and forested land in the coastal plain of South Carolina, providing the ability to investigate many diverse areas of agriculture. Scientists at Edisto REC regularly collaborate with growers and industry professionals throughout South Carolina and beyond to conduct on-farm and on-station replicated trials and demonstrations. The research conducted at Edisto REC helps South Carolina farmers operate more profitably and more sustainably.


entry way to edisto research and education center
  • 2,354 acres of land
  • 3 public meeting spaces
  • 14 laboratories
  • 4 greenhouses + 1 headhouse
  • 9 field labs

Edisto REC Highlights

Research Focus

  • Precision Agriculture
  • Agronomic Crops
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Cattle and Forages
  • Irrigation Technology
  • Vegetables

Community Outreach

  • Watermelon Field Day
  • Peanut Field Day
  • Agronomic Crops Field Day
  • Bull /Heifer tests & sales
  • Hay and Forage Field Day
  • 4-H Week
  • Group tours

Innovative Technologies

  • Sensor Utilization
  • Automation
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Agricultural Calculators

State-Wide Research Collaborations

Six Research and Education Centers are a network of centers located strategically throughout the state according to the state’s soil and climate regions that support and encourage associations between Clemson Agricultural Experiment Station, Clemson Cooperative Extension, and various industries. Researchers work to find solutions to the world’s challenges in how to feed a growing global population, conserve natural resources, enhance the vibrancy of the state’s agricultural and natural resources economies, and assist not only South Carolinians but also globally to improve the quality of life.

Map of Research and Education Centers

Upcoming Area Events

    Edisto Research and Education Center
    Edisto Research and Education Center | 64 Research Rd Blackville, SC 29817