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Barnwell County Extension Office

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Clemson Extension employs Extension agents who work closely with state extension specialists and researchers located on campus and at the various research and education centers located across the state.

Your local Extension agents provide expertise in agribusiness, agronomy, food safety, nutrition, horticulture, livestock and forages, forestry and wildlife resources, rural health, water resources, and 4-H and youth development.

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Office Hours
8:00 am - 12:00 pm
1:00 pm - 4:30 pm
Monday - Friday
Phone: 803-259-7141
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Mailing Address
34 Pechmann Street
P.O. Box 468
Barnwell, SC 29812

Staff Listing

Name Title Email Phone
Rebecca Davis Water Resources Agent, Savannah District 803-245-2661
Shannon Herndon Bamberg & Barnwell County 4-H Youth Development Agent 803-245-2661
Anna Hill Horticulture Extension Agent 803-259-7141
David Mansfield Agribusiness Extension Agent 803-534-6280
Hillary Pope Area Livestock and Forages Agent 803-584-4207
Benjamin (Ben) Powell Extension Associate, Apiculture and Pollinator Program 843-662-3526
Janet Steele Area Forestry and Wildlife Agent 803-516-4209
Karissa Ulmer District Extension Director 803-584-4207
Joe Varn Agriculture Extension Agent 803-245-2661

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Cooperative Extension Barnwell County
Cooperative Extension Barnwell County | 34 Pechmann Street, Barnwell, SC 29812