Meet the Agronomic Crops Program Team

Name Title Email Phone
Daniel J Anco Extension Peanut Specialist 803-284-3343
J. Marion Barnes Senior County Extension Agent- Distinguished 803-943-3427
Heather Benjamin Agronomy Agent 843-519-2408
Rich Byrd Agronomic Crops Extension Agent 843-659-6986
Jonathan Croft Agriculture Extension Agent 803-534-6280
Jay Crouch Area Extension Agent- Agronomic Crops 803-276-1091
Charles Davis County Extension Agent 803-874-2354
David DeWitt Extension Agent- Associate 843-229-7994
Bhupinder Farmaha Assistant Professor, Nutrient Management Specialist 803-284-3343
Jeremy Greene Professor of Entomology 803-284-3343
David Gunter Extension Feed Grain Specialist 843-616-2133
William Hardee III Area Agronomy Agent 843-365-6715
W. Heaton Extension Assistant Professor
Matthew Inman Assistant Professor, Agronomy and Weed Management 336-408-0932
Michael Jones Extension Cotton Specialist 843-519-0477
Ahmad Khalilian Professor 803-284-3343
Kendall Kirk Precision Agriculture Engineer 864-844-3423
Michael Marshall Extension Agronomic Weed Specialist 803-284-3343
Hannah Mikell Agronomy Agent & County Coordinator 803-553-7244
John Mueller Professor of Plant Pathology 803-284-3343
Dara Park Associate Professor in Soil and Water Dynamics 843-319-4957
Jose Payero Assistant Professor 803-284-3343
Michael Plumblee Corn and Soybean Extension Specialist 803-284-3343
Francis Reay-Jones Professor of Entomology & IPM Coordinator 843-519-0480
Nathan Smith Extension Professor 803-788-5700
Christopher Talley Livestock & Forages Agent 864-916-6204
Joe Varn Agriculture Extension Agent 803-245-2661 Ext. 115

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