SC New and Beginning Farmer Program

The South Carolina New and Beginning Farmer program (SCNBFP) is focused on enabling new and beginning farmers to be successful, productive, and innovative members of their local agricultural community by providing them with the tools, knowledge and skills necessary to be successful entrepreneurs; sound business managers; exemplary stewards of SWAPA (soil, water, air, plants, and animals), and successful marketers of the unique products they create; and, perhaps most importantly, individuals who have a sense of pride and quality of life as a result of their investment and participation in the agricultural community of South Carolina.

SCNBFP Alumni Workshop: Securing a Niche with Southern Heritage Crops

Monday, March 25
9:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Phillips Market Center
117 Ballard Ct
West Columbia, SC 29172

Cost: $30.00, includes lunch

What are “Southern Heritage Crops?” These are crops that used to be grown in our region, contributing to our culinary heritage and culture, but that fell out of favor, as new higher yielding crops were developed to be better adapted to longer supply chain food systems. Many of these traditional crops had admirable qualities worthy of resurrection. The Slow Food Movement’s Ark of Taste is likely the most visible effort to identify and restore these products. Come take some time and learn all about Southern Heritage Crops and how these niche products can fit into your production and marketing plans. Individuals who have successfully ventured into the world of Southern Heritage Crops will share their experiences and  esearchers will discuss options for these largely untapped markets. A discussion will follow on how you can embrace these new crops and make a difference in your farming operation.

Lunch: will be provided and a panel discussion will follow to connect the producer, researcher, chef and consumer.

Speakers: Drs. David Shields, Stephen Kresovich, Nathan Smith and Brian Ward, all specializing in Southern Heritage Crops.

Panelists: Engaging Individuals who grow and represent Southern Heritage Crops.

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