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irrigation system in a crop
Cooperative Extension: Agribusiness


Agriculture Services Laboratory

soil samples and lab equipment to test soil

The Clemson University Agricultural Service Laboratory provides information and analytical testing for soil, plant tissue, feed and forage, animal waste, irrigation water, and compost samples. Individual clients, commercial dealers, Extension Agents, Extension Specialists, and researchers may submit samples to the laboratory.

Ag Services Lab

Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic

soybean looper on the tip of a finger

The Clemson University Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic is a multi-disciplinary program which provides diagnoses and management recommendations for plant and turf problems, which include diseases, nematodes, weeds, environmental issues, nutritional deficiencies and insect pests of plants. We also identify insects infesting structures, humans, pets and livestock.

Plant & Pest Diagnostic Clinic

Agricultural Safety

Cooperative Extension Agronomic Crops
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