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cotton plants in row crops with silos in the background
Cooperative Extension: Agronomic Crops

Cotton Production

Cotton production information is provided to help growers with profitable and environmental crop production. Clemson University faculty and staff work together to provide environmental-specific information to the growers of South Carolina and surrounding areas. From the research done on campus and in fields across the state at the Research and Education Centers, to the Extension Agents on farm calls, Clemson University employees work hard to be on the cutting edge of agronomic research to provide the most accurate data and support to South Carolinians. 

Contact Information

Dr. Mike Jones
Clemson Extension Cotton Specialist

Cotton Production Updates

Publications and Resources


Pest Management Handbook

Contact the specialists to learn how to obtain a printed copy: Mike Marshall,  
download/preview the PDF file online  (334 pages, 6.86MB).

View/Download the Pest Management Handbook (PDF)
cotton bowl close up with blue sky background

Cotton Grower's Guide

Contact the specialists to learn how to obtain a printed copy: Mike Jones,  
download/preview the Word file online  (126 pages, 3.8MB).

View/Download Cotton Grower's Guide (DOCX)
Land-grant press by Clemson Extension


The Land-Grant Press publishing program is expanding offerings with additional publication series dedicated to the needs of various Cooperative Extension and University audiences. The Land-Grant Press mission is to provide science-based, peer-reviewed scholarly work for the purpose of practical application.

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