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W. Heaton

Extension Assistant Professor
State Wildlife Specialist
Agronomic Crops Program Team, Forestry and Wildlife Resources Program Team, Forestry and Environmental Conservation Department, Sandhill Research and Education Center

Office: 900 Clemson Rd, Columbia, SC 29224



Educational Background

Ph.D. Wildlife and Fisheries Biology
Clemson University 2015

M.S. Forestry and Natural Resources
Clemson University 2007

B.S. Aquaculture, Fisheries and Wildlife Biology
Clemson University 2004

Courses Taught

Pond Management
Aquatic Weed Management
Wildlife Damage Management
Habitat Management
Non-game Wildlife Management
Game Wildlife Management
Agronomic Crop Production
Pesticide Education for Applicators


In December we concluded tilapia and duckweed research from the piedmont and coastal plain of South Carolina. Research focused on tilapia effectiveness as a means of biological control for duckweed, potential for tilapia to naturalize in South Carolina, growth patterns of duckweed in agricultural impoundments, nutrient accumulation by duckweed, and potential for use of duckweed to be used as a protein source in livestock feeds. Data from research is currently being used to develop several publications for scientific journals.

Research Interests

Research is focused on balancing the interactions of wildlife and humans. More specifically looking at ways to solve wildlife problems for agricultural operations in a fashion that promotes productive agriculture operations with minimal impacts on wildlife populations.

Extension and Outreach

Extension and outreach activities focus on delivering quality demonstrations and educational programs to improve SC citizens understanding of wildlife management. The goal is to improve landowners ability to enjoy and utilize their properties while enhancing the quality of habitat for wildlife.


Duckweed (Lemna minor) Consumption by Blue Tilapia (Oreochromis aureus) in Feeding Trials - Journal of Aquatic Plant Management

Aquatic Weed Control in Annual Pest Management Handbook

Supplemental Feeding for Recreational Fish Ponds

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