Shelby Hammond

Graduate Research Assistant
Plant and Environmental Sciences Department

Office: 202C Biosystems Research Complex


 Educational Background

B.S. Agricultural Sciences
The Pennsylvania State University 2021


I am a Master's Student working with Dr. Sruthi Narayanan. My research focuses on characterizing a soybean Recombinant Inbred Line Population for heat tolerance based on pollen performance

Growing up in Western NY, I was heavily involved in my community and agriculture. This made me realize the significance of agriculture in everyone's daily lives, along with the problems associated with climate change. I completed my undergraduate degree from The Pennsylvania State University which fueled my passion for agricultural research.

 Research Interests

My research interests include exploring the physiological traits and genetic markers related to abiotic stress resilience in agronomic crops. These characteristics can be linked to create more resilient and sustainable cropping systems.