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John Mueller

Professor of Plant Pathology
Agronomic Crops Program Team, Plant and Environmental Sciences Department, Edisto Research and Education Center

Office: Edisto REC
Phone: 803-284-3343
Fax: 803-284-3684



Educational Background

Ph.D. Plant Pathology
Univ. of Illinois 1983

M.S. Plant Pathology
Univ. of Illinois 1981

B.S. Agronomy
Univ. of Missouri 1978

Courses Taught



I have a 75% research and 25% extension appointment covering management of diseases and nematodes on corn, cotton, soybean and grain sorghum.

Research Interests

Management of nematodes on row crops including use of site-specific application of Nematicides based on soil texture and yield maps. Relationship of soil texture to the distribution and damage thresholds for Columbia lance and lesion nematodes on corn, cotton, soybean and grain sorghum. Also, evaluation of host plant resistance in soybean and cotton to root-knot, soybean cyst and reniform nematodes.

Extension and Outreach

Statewide responsibilities for disease and nematode management on row crops especially cotton, corn, soybean, and grain sorghum. I am also program team leader for the Agronomic Row Crops Team.


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