Michael Plumblee

Precision Agriculture Extension Specialist
Assistant Professor of Agronomy
Agronomic Crops Program Team, Water Resources Program Team, Plant and Environmental Sciences Department, Edisto Research and Education Center

Office: Blackville, SC
Phone: 803-284-3343
Fax: 803-284-3684

Email: mplumbl@clemson.edu

 Educational Background

Ph.D. Agronomy - Minor Entomology
Mississippi State University 2018

M.S. Agronomy
University of Georgia - Tifton 2015

B.S. Agricultural Mechanization and Business
Clemson University 2013


I am the Precision Agriculture Extension Specialist for the state of South Carolina. My current responsibilities include developing and managing an Extension (75%) and Research (25%) program that assists and educates South Carolina producers on implementing precision agriculture into production systems. Additional responsibilities include generating research-based information and recommendations specific to precision agriculture concepts and technologies. I direct technical support staff, graduate students, and temporary workers.

Current Graduate Students:
Tyler Soignier - M.S. Graduate Research Assistant P.E.S.

Clemson Precision Agriculture Website: http://www.clemson.edu/extension/agronomy/precision_agriculture.html

 Research Interests

- Evaluation and Determination of Optimum Planter Downforce Settings
- Variable Rate Prescription Development - Directed Rx
- Evaluation of Soil Moisture Sensor Threshold Values
- Evaluation of Pesticide Efficacy when Applied at Specific Droplet Sizes
- Application Technologies - Liquid and Granular Fertilizer
- Management Zone Development

 Extension and Outreach

- Provide timely, non-bias, research-based information to growers, consultants, and county agents at the state, national, and international levels
- Conduct both on-farm trials and demonstrations
- Present and share research and relevant information with end users through field days, workshops, meetings, social media, and newsletters
- Editor of the Precision Agriculture Newsletter - Archived newsletters can be viewed at: https://www.clemson.edu/extension/agronomy/PrecisionAgriculture/newsletters.html
- Coordinator of the Precision Agriculture Seminar Series
- Co-Manager of the Clemson Precision Agriculture Facebook page


Peer-Reviewed Publications:
- Plumblee, M.T., D.M. Dodds, L.J. Krutz, A.L. Catchot, J.T. Irby, and J.N. Jenkins. 2019. Effect of Foliar Applied Nitrogen to Cotton with Artificial Terminal and Node Removal. J. Cotton Sci. 22:225-230.

- Plumblee, M.T., D.M. Dodds, L.J. Krutz, A.L. Catchot, J.T. Irby, and J.N. Jenkins. 2019. Determining the Optimum Irrigation Schedule in Furrow Irrigated Cotton using Soil Moisture Sensors. Crop, Forage, and Turfgrass Management. doi:10.2134/cftm2018.06.0047

- Plumblee, M.T., R.S. Tubbs, E.P. Prostko, and N.B. Smith. 2018. Evaluation of Seeding Rate and Cultivar Effects on Peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) Seeded in 76-cm Row Spacing. Peanut Science. Vol. 45, No. 1, pp. 32-37. doi:10.3146/PS17-16.1

Extension Publications:
- Plumblee, M.T., K.R. Kirk, M.A. Jones, A.B. Crouch, C.W. Davis Jr., and J.K. Croft. 2019. Cotton Picker Yield Monitor Calibration Guide. https://precisionag.sites.clemson.edu/Extension_Guides/Cotton_Picker_Yield_Monitor_Calibration_2019.pdf

- Plumblee, M.T., K.R. Kirk, and A.B. Crouch. 2018. Grain Combine Yield Monitor
Calibration Guide. https://precisionag.sites.clemson.edu/Extension_Guides/Combine_Yield_Monitor_Calibration_8_2018.pdf

Web-based Calculators:
- Plumblee, M.T., K.R. Kirk, and T. McAlhany. 2019. Clemson Watermark Calculator. https://precisionag.sites.clemson.edu/Calculators/Irrigation/WatermarkCalculator/

- Kirk, K.R., M.T. Plumblee, and T. McAlhany. 2019. Clemson Lime Rate Calculator. https://precisionag.sites.clemson.edu/Calculators/Fertility/LimeRec/

- Kirk, K.R., M.T. Plumblee, and T. McAlhany. 2019. Clemson Soil Acidification
Calculator. https://precisionag.sites.clemson.edu/Calculators/Fertility/SoilAcidification/