Benjamin Powell

Area Forestry and Natural Resources Agent
Forestry and Wildlife Resources Program Team, Dillon County Cooperative Extension Office, Georgetown County Cooperative Extension Office, Horry County Cooperative Extension Office, Marion County Cooperative Extension Office, Williamsburg County Cooperative Extension Office

Office: Georgetown, SC
Phone: 843-546-4481


 Educational Background

M.S. Entomology - Arthropod Biodiversity
Clemson University 2007

B.S. Biology
Wofford College 2001


Ever since I was a young boy I have been fascinated by the natural world and the interactions of its inhabitants, especially those that live in aquatic and wetland ecosystems. I believe that conservation and wise use of natural resources is essential to preserving ecosystem services, especially in the developing coastal counties of South Carolina. As an Extension Agent, my primary goal is to spread my appreciation to my clients, colleagues and the next generation through the dissemination of sound science in order to provide the best information for making wise management decisions. My greatest concerns are for the impacts caused by invasive species, mismanagement of wetlands and water resources, and for the conflicts that arise at the urban interface. To facilitate my outreach efforts, I remain active with several professional development organizations. I am the past president and current treasurer of the SC Exotic Pest Plant Council, and I serve on the board and as current chair of the outreach committee for the SC chapter of The Wildlife Society. I am the outreach coordinator for the SC Wild Hog Task Force. I remain active with the national and SC Aquatic Plant Management Societies, and I am involved with the SC Association of County Agriculture Agents. I facilitate the local Blackwater Beekeepers Association and am a member of the SC State Beekeepers Association as well as the SC Entomological Society. I teach trainings related to ponds/wetlands management, controlling nuisance and invasive species, controlling invertebrate pests, wildlife and invertebrate conservation, and water resource protection.

 Research Interests

- Ponds/lakes/wetlands management
- Invertebrate ecology
- Control of invasive species
- Control of invertebrate pests in human environments
- Aquaculture and aquaponics
- Wildlife conservation

 Extension and Outreach

- Master Pond Manager training and certification program
- Regional pond schools and pesticide recertification trainings for lake management companies
- Stormwater pond management website, an information portal for waterfront residents, home owners associations, community managers and municipal staff
- Stormwater management and rainwater harvesting
- Aquaculture and Aquaponics
- SC Wild Hog Task Force
- Nuisance Wildlife Control trainings (feral swine, coyotes, armadillos, aquatic furbearers, rodents, bats, etc.)
- Wildlife conservation practices and food plots for wildlife forages
- Professional development trainings for structural pest control operators
- Beginner Beekeeping courses and advance trainings for beekeepers
- Invertebrate conservation and pollinator protection presentations
- 4H2O camps, exploring rivers and estuaries
- 4H food plot project


- Shorescaping Freshwater Waterfronts
- Floating Wetlands
- Armadillos in SC
- SC Stormwater Pond Management Website
- Invertebrates Associated with Waterhyacinth Rafts and Descriptions of the larvae of Neochetina bruchi and N. eichhorniae


SC Stormwater Pond Management Website
SC Wild Hog Task Force
Extension Forestry and Natural Resources
Blackwater Beekeepers
SC The Wildlife Society, Facebook page