Meet the Agribusiness Program Team

Name Title Email Phone
Ben Boyles Senior Agribusiness Extension Agent 803-981-3021
Trey Buckelew Agribusiness Program Associate 803-427-2408
Kevin Burkett Extension Associate 540-239-4602
Kathy Coleman Director, Sandhill REC 803-788-5700
Will Culler Senior Agribusiness Extension Agent 803-359-8515
Wilder Ferreira Master Extension Associate 864-642-8758
Matthew Fischer Area Agribusiness Agent 864-898-8326
Bethany Funkhouser Agribusiness Extension Agent 843-944-8584
Adam Kantrovich Extension Associate Professor of Agribusiness 803-788-5700
R. David Lamie Professor of Agribusiness and Rural Development 803-788-5700
Charlotte Maxwell Agribusiness Extension Agent 843-365-6715
Scott Mickey Farm Business Consultant 803-773-5561
Steven Richards Agribusiness Senior Extension Associate 843-473-6024
Nathan Smith Extension Professor 803-788-5700

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