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Cooperative Extension: SC Women's Agricultural Network

SCWAgN Programs

LEAD (Ladies Engaged in Agriculture Development)

The Ladies Engaged in Agriculture Development (LEAD)

The Ladies Engaged in Agriculture Development (LEAD) program coordinates agricultural workshops for women. The goal of LEAD is to provide women with the tools, knowledge and skills to be successful in the agriculture industry, whether it be through a small family farm or a large production operation. There is a statewide need for such programs as women are taking on more responsibility in this field and oftentimes inheriting family farms.

Contact Lindsey Craig or Amber Starnes for more information about LEAD. Fill out the sign-up form to receive updates about LEAD activities.

WOW (Women Owning Woodlands)

The Women Owning Woodlands (WOW)

The Women Owning Woodlands (WOW) program is a statewide educational program designed to prepare family forest matriarchs for the reality that they could someday be left to make management decisions about their forestland. More than half of South Carolina’s 13 million acres of forestland is in private, non-industrial hands and owned and managed by 207,000 family forest owners. More than 80% of South Carolina forestland owners are 55 years old or older, and the vast majority of them are men. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, about 80% of wives outlive their husbands. The S.C. WOW chapter is based on the national Women Owning Woodlands program, a collaborative project of the National Woodland Owners Association (NWOA) and the USDA Forest Service Cooperative Forestry Office with 29,000 national and affiliate members in all 50 states.

Contact Janet Steele for more information about S.C. WOW. Visit S.C. WOW's Facebook page to learn more about resources, announcements and upcoming events. 

Annie's Project

Annie's Project

The goal of Annie’s Project is to empower women to be better business partners through networks and by managing and organizing critical information. Facilitated by professionals and experts in the field of business and agriculture, Annie’s Project takes a hands-on approach to deliver content through lectures and a retreat-style program that takes place over the course of 3 1/2 days. Program topics include risk assessments, business planning, financial statements, family and liability, insurance, farm programs, legal concerns, retirement and transition, and personal development. In partnership with Clemson Extension, the program is supported by ArborOne, AgSouth, the S.C. Farm Bureau, USDA and the S.C. Women’s Agricultural Network (SC WAgN), which supports women in agriculture by providing positive learning environments, networking and empowerment. 

For more information on the South Carolina Annie’s Project program, please contact   Charlotte “Charley” Maxwell or visit the SC Annie's Project   Facebook page  or the National Annie's Project   website.

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