Wilder Ferreira

Regional Agribusiness and Economic Development Agent
Director FCCF-Clemson Rural Entrepreneurship Alliance
Agribusiness Program Team, Abbeville County Cooperative Extension Office, Anderson County Cooperative Extension Office, McCormick County Cooperative Extension Office

Office: 313 South Towers Street Anderson, SC 29621
Phone: 864-359-3384
Email: wferrei@clemson.edu
Personal Website: http://www.clemson.edu/extension/aes/


 Educational Background

M.S. Industrial Engineering
Clemson University 2009

M.S. Agribusiness Management
Clemson University 2003

M.S. Ag. Economics
Auburn University 1999

B.S. Computer Science
Federal University of Goias - Brazil 1994

B.S. Economics
Catholic University of Goias - Brazil 1993

 Courses Taught

APEC 202 - Agricultural Economics
APEC 319 - Agribusiness Management
APEC 302 - Farm Management
APEC 419 - Rural Entrepreneurship
APEC 308 - Quantitative Applied Economics
AGM 219 - Agribusiness and Food Systems
AGM 319 - Agribusiness Decision Analysis
FAFA - Farm Accounting and Financial Analysis
FEPA - Farm Enterprise Productivity Analysis


I am currently delivering rural entrepreneurship educational programs for adults and youth, using appropriate research-based information that promotes economic and community development combined with awareness of the importance and value of a healthy and sustainable lake-lands environment in Abbeville County, McCormick County and southern area of Anderson County. I have been conducting business strategy analysis, feasibility studies and reporting of potential business opportunities within the Freshwater Coast Community area.

 Extension and Outreach

My career as an Agricultural Economist started in 1997 at the Department of Agricultural Economics at Auburn University, Alabama, by my collaboration to several projects as a Visiting Research Scholar. While in Alabama, I implemented agricultural production models for optimal crop production because of my experience with computer models. Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service hired me in 1999 due to my expertise in production and food economics, computer modeling, marketing, small enterprises, and accounting to develop feasibility studies in the areas of agricultural commodities.

In the last 16 years, I have been developing agribusiness development materials and conducting economic educational programs in agronomic crops, food processing, enterprise cost assessment, food marketing systems, and analysis of new and emerging food and agricultural technology adoption (e.g. market, machinery, inputs, labor, logistics, etc) to small and large farm businesses in the state of South Carolina. I have been developing enterprise budgets and other risk management materials for annual publication and distribution in print, electronically and via developed software.


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