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Steven Richards

Agribusiness Senior Extension Associate
Farm Business Management
Agribusiness Program Team, Sandhill Research and Education Center

Office: Midlands to Lowcountry Region
Phone: 315-573-8632

Personal Website:


Educational Background

Ph.D. Food and Specialty Crop Marketing
Clemson University 2022

MBA Business Administration
Antioch University 1996

MS Agricultural Economics
Ohio State University 1998

BS Food Science and Nutrition
Ohio State University 1992


Steve Richards is a Senior Extension Associate with the Extension Agribusiness Program Team and the Director of the Center for Cooperative and Enterprise Development at Clemson University. His specialty is helping agricultural entrepreneurs with business planning, feasibility studies, business succession, and business expansion. Steve also has statewide responsibilities in agribusiness management, marketing, and finance.

Steve's work experience began in quality assurance and production management for food processing firms in the Midwest. Next, he worked for Cornell Cooperative Extension, authoring many business planning workbooks and consulting with hundreds of agricultural businesses on topics such as profitability improvement, business expansion, business financing, and succession planning. In his more recent roles, Steve consulted for Farm Credit East and worked with agricultural entrepreneurs in the Finger Lakes food, wine, and tourism region.

Extension and Outreach

Business Planning, Feasibility Studies, Cooperative Organization, Business Startups, Business Expansions, Value Added Agriculture, and Specialty Crop Marketing.


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Clemson Agribusiness Team
College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences
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