Meet the Livestock and Forages Program Team





John Andrae Extension Forage Specialist 864-656-3504
J. Marion Barnes Senior County Extension Agent- Distinguished 803-943-3427
Brian Beer Area Livestock Agent 803-283-3302
Matthew Burns Extension Beef Specialist - Livestock and Forage Program Team Leader 864-656-1743
John Chastain Professor and Extension Agricultural Engineer 864-656-4089
Gary Coleman Area Livestock and Forages Extension Agent 864-223-3264
Lindsey Craig Area Livestock and Forage Agent 864-878-1394
Sean Eastman DVM Director of Field Services 803-726-7804
Michelle Hall Professor Emerita 864.885.2197
Julie Helm Poultry Veterinarian 803-726-7802
Tina Horn Extension Agent- Dairy 803-276-1091
Danny Howard Assistant Director-Extension Mentoring 864-365-0629
Charlotte Krugler Emergency Preparedness Veterinarian 803-726-7801
Chris LeMaster Livestock and Forages Agent 864-489-3141
Travis Mitchell Area Livestock and Forages Agent 864-445-8117
Boyd Parr State Veterinarian, Director CULPH 803-726-7813
Brittany Peacock Livestock and Forage Agent 803-508-7737
Samuel Quinney Extension Agent 803-584-4207
Patty Scharko Extension/ field veterinarian 803-726-7803
Scott Sell Research Associate 912-682-9590
Bryan Smith Area Extension Agent-Agricultural Engineer 864-984-2514
Amber Starnes Area Livestock and Forages Agent 843-623-2134
Christopher Talley Senior Associate Extension Agent 864-359-3382
Lee Van Vlake Area Livestock and Forages Agent 843-661-4800
Morris Warner Senior County Extension Agent 864-638-5889
Cassie Wycoff Area Livestock & Forage Agent 864-984-2514

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