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Cooperative Extension: Livestock and Forages

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Name Title Email Phone
Daniel Adkison 478-234-6558
J. Marion Barnes Senior County Extension Agent- Distinguished- Colleton Agronomy Crops 843-739-1004
Brian Beer Area Livestock and Forages Agent 803-745-5001
Brian Bolt Livestock Specialist 864-934-2104
Matthew Burns Extension Beef Specialist - Livestock and Forage Program Team Leader 864-656-1743
John Chastain Professor and Extension Agricultural Engineer 864-656-4089
Hannah Conover Area Livestock and Forages Agent 864-359-3382
Nicole Correa Area Livestock/Forages Agent 803-520-1683
Lindsey Craig Director of Livestock Improvement 908-268-8133
Sean Eastman DVM Director of Field Services 803-726-7804
Matthew Fischer Livestock and Forages Economist 864-506-0728
Michelle Hall Professor Emerita 864-885-2197
Julie Helm Director Poultry Programs 803-726-7802
Tina Horn Extension Agent- Livestock and Forages 803-944-2089
Christopher LeMaster Area Livestock and Forages Agent 864-649-8251
Michael Marshall Assistant Professor-Agronomic/Forage Weed Science 803-522-1415
Reid Miller Area Livestock and Forages Agent 864-223-3264
Maggie Miller Climate-Smart Livestock Extension Associate 864-933-1679
Travis Mitchell Area Livestock and Forages Agent 864-445-8117
Michael Neault State Veterinarian 803-726-7818
Hillary Pope Area Livestock and Forages Agent 803-584-4207
Patty Scharko Extension/ field veterinarian 803-726-7803
Liliane Severino da Silva Assistant Professor, Extension Specialist 352-871-5830
Bryan Smith Area Extension Agent-Agricultural Engineer 864-705-1101
Amber Starnes Area Livestock and Forages Agent 843-623-2134
Christopher Talley Livestock & Forages Agent 864-916-6204
Derrick Taylor Livestock and Forages Agent 864-302-2103
Christopher Thomas State Weather Station Technician
Sallie Thompson Livestock and Forages Extension Agent 803-508-7737
Lee Van Vlake Livestock and Forages Program Team Director 843-344-3322
Leandro Vieira-Filho (Leo) Postdoctoral Fellow, Climate-Smart Forage Systems 813-836-4125

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Cooperative Extension Livestock and Forages
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