Christopher LeMaster

Livestock and Forages Agent
County Coordinator
Livestock and Forages Program Team, Cherokee County Cooperative Extension Office, Spartanburg County Cooperative Extension Office, York County Cooperative Extension Office

Office: 110 Railroad Ave., Gaffney SC 29340
Phone: 864-489-3141
Fax: 864-489-3142


 Educational Background

M.S. Animal and Veterinary Science
Clemson University 2015

B.S. Animal and Veterinary Science
Clemson University 2013


Mr. LeMaster is the livestock and forages agent for Cherokee and York Counties. He also serves as the county coordinator and pesticide applicator training coordinator for Cherokee County. His primary interests include livestock reproduction and nutrition. Mr. LeMaster is a native of Cherokee County where his family has farmed for several generations. Aside from his professional duties, he spends much of his time outside whether it’s working on the family farm, hunting, or in Death Valley in the Fall. Mr. LeMaster is excited for the opportunities that lay ahead for Clemson Extension and its constituents.

 Research Interests

Fetal Programming in Beef Cattle

 Extension and Outreach

Sire Seminars- A series of in-depth workshops designed to equip cattle producers with a greater understanding of genetics, economics, reproduction, nutrition, and health specific to the bull.
Sale Barn Success- A workshop designed to help cow-calf producers capitalize on premiums awarded to uniformity, improved frame sizes, health, and other simple management changes.


LeMaster, C.T. et al. 2017. The effects of late gestation maternal nutrient restriction with or without protein supplementation on endocrine regulation of newborn and postnatal beef calves. Theriogenology , Volume 87 , 64 - 71
Taylor, R. K., C. T. LeMaster, K. S. Mangrum, and N. M. Long. 2015. Effects of maternal nutrient restriction on bovine fetal growth during mid-gestation. Proc. South. Sec. Amer. Soc. Anim. Sci. 19