Meet the Food Systems and Safety Program Team

Name Title Email Phone
Kimberly Baker State Consumer Food Safety Program Coordinator 864-646-2139
Rebecca Baxley Food Systems and Safety Agent 864-365-0628
Lance Beecher Aquaponics, Aquaculture and Fisheries Specialist 864-650-7114
Chad Carter Food Systems and Safety Associate 843-730-5211
Amairani 'Ani' Correa Bilingual Nutrition Educator 864-223-3264
Paul Dawson Professor 864-656-1138
Adair Hoover Food Safety Agent 864-656-9986
Faith Isreal Food Systems and Safety Agent 803-865-1216
Tarana Khan State Program Coordinator-EFNEP 803-237-0775
Mary Mobley Nutrition Educator Assistant 864-445-8117
Julie Northcutt Professor 864-656-3688
Miriam Roman Youth Voice: Youth Choice 803-773-5561
Carol Salley Nutrition Educator Assistant 864-367-1370
Evelyn Santana Multicultural Nutrition Educator 864-596-2993
Frances Seel Statewide Food Safety Program Administrative Assistant 864-646-2166
Blond Simmons Nutrition Educator Assistant 803-649-6297
Ron Thomas Professor Emeritus 864-888-7541
Kristen Welch EFNEP NEA State Coordinator 864-316-5788
William Whiteside Professor 864-423-0727
Gayle Williford Senior Extension Agent 843-719-4140

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