Meet the Forestry & Wildlife Resources Program Team





J. Marion Barnes Senior County Extension Agent- Distinguished 803-943-3427
Ryan Bean Area Forestry and Natural Resources Agent 803-432-9071
Lance Beecher Aquaculture and Fisheries Specialist 864-650-7114
James H. Blake State Coordinator, SC Master Naturalist Program 864-878-1394
Tom Brant Area Forestry & Natural Resource Agent 864-852-2112 x115
David Coyle Assistant Professor 864-656-9766
Carolyn Dawson Area Extension Forestry Agent 864-638-5889
Jeff Fellers Area Extension Agent 864-427-6259 Ext. 115
Susan Guynn Extension Associate 864-656-0606
W. Heaton Extension Assistant Professor
Parker Johnson Natural Resource Agent 843-563-5777
Derrick Phinney Natural Resources Program Team Leader 843-563-0135
Jaime Pohlman Clemson Extension Agent 864-852-2112
Stephen Pohlman, Jr. Area Forestry Agent 803-637-3161
Benjamin Powell Area Forestry and Natural Resources Agent 843-546-4481
TJ Savereno Senior Associate Agent 843-230-3109
Jack Whetstone Emeritus Professor 843-546-6321
Rick Willey Extension 4-H Natural Resource Specialist 864-656-3090

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